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Greg Kuhun - Account Executive at TÜV SÜD America
  Greg kuhun

    account executive at TÜV SÜD America

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Can you describe your role within the company?
I am with the Transportation division, specifically working in the Equipment Solutions Group based out of Holland, Michigan as well as at the Onsite Group based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The Equipment Solutions Group supplies the equipment for various tests, like buzz-squeak and rattle, as well as noise and vibration testing applications. The Onsite Group supplies the expertise to solve these problems. Our primary product is the servo-electric four poster. Additionally, we also sell and support similar technology for shock damper testing and custom testing applications. Any time a customer has a specialized need or requirement, we provide the equipment and services necessary to support the completion of the project.

How did you choose this career path?
I have been selling capital equipment for over 20 years. Working with test equipment is what I went to school for, so for me, it’s been exciting to have leveraged my technical education early on and to have grown my career into where I am today.

What do you enjoy most about your job and working at TÜV SÜD?
Working with a dedicated team. I think we have a superb group of people, who provide a numerous amount of help on a daily basis. I also thoroughly enjoy working with our customers. In my role, I have the opportunity to travel in order to meet with clients on-site quite frequently. I have a great team to back me up every step of the way, so it’s fulfilling to be a part of a dedicated group.

Are there challenges you've faced in your career that have taught you important lessons?
Yes, never count your chickens before they’ve hatched. That’s a phrase that has stayed in the back of my mind and has taught me that you can never be too certain on opportunities or applications. Maintaining budget and achieving a client’s goal is extremely important for any project. I also think that maintaining communication with other related businesses can present challenges from time to time. It’s important to know your role and know how you can best contribute to overcoming an obstacle in order to provide a great customer experience.

What do you think the industry will look like 20 years from now?
I think the automotive business is already experiencing quite a bit of change. I think in the future, there will be a greater demand and need for battery technology and autonomous vehicles. For our business, the testing will most likely have additional requirements for us to meet. I believe technology will be enhanced by higher fidelity model-based validation techniques, as software and computers become smarter and faster; model-based development will be used more frequently to validate what equipment is used for testing.   

When not working, how do you spend your spare time?
I restore old sports cars in my spare time, as well as enjoy gardening. I’m also an avid runner and cyclist. 

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