Automotive Testing Laboratory in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Reduce the risks associated with quality issues and achieve vehicle safety

Reduce the risks associated with quality issues and achieve vehicle safety

Helping OEMs and Suppliers Ensure Vehicle Safety and Improve Quality

The engineers and technicians at the Auburn Hills lab have extensive experience conducting on-road vehicle testing so that our clients can be confident in the safety and quality of their vehicles. We help our clients minimize costs, improve quality and efficiency, and avoid product recalls.


The Auburn Hills, Michigan testing lab holds A2LA ISO 17025 accreditation.

Automotive Testing Services

  • Air leak and wind noise testing
  • Auburn Hills (Michigan) 4-Poster testing and climatic chamber
  • AV and AI drive evaluations
  • Battery testing
  • Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR) testing
    • BSR track – design, consult, lead 
    • Launch BSR (attribute) leadership and engineering support
    • Manufacturing BSR prevention strategies 
  • Component-level testing – transportable testing 
  • CREST – Combined Road, Environmental and Simulation Testing 
  • EMC/EMI testing
  • In-plant air leak and wind noise testing

  • Instrument panel and seat testing

  • Transportable equipment testing for instrument panels, seats, and doors

  • Transportable wind tunnel testing
  • Validating navigation systems – ADAS, vision systems for vehicle fleets

Our Testing Equipment

Climatic chamber

Auburn Hills, Michigan Servo-Electric 4 Poster with Environmental Chamber and Vehicle Lift

Auburn Hills, Michigan Servo-Electric 4-Poster with Environmental Chamber and Vehicle Lift


  • Size: 30 ft long x 15.5 ft wide x 13 ft tall 
  • Temperature range: -40° F to +167° F (-40° C to + 75° C ) 
  • Humidity control: 20% up to 95% 
  • Dry air purge
  • Temperature ramp rate: 1° C per minute (unloaded)
  • Heat load: 1,000 watts per meter² 
  • Gas detection system 
  • 12,000 lb vehicle lift
  • Vehicle exhaust extraction system
  • Climate controlled control room: 16 ft x 11.5 ft
  • EV charging capabilities

M-CREST – Combined Road, Environmental and Simulation/Transportable Environmental 4-Poster

m-CREST/Transportable Environmental 4-Poster Features


  • BSR rated: up to 21 kN peak dynamic force pounds
  • Stroke: 6.75 inches p-p (170 mm p-p)
  • Peak force: 21 kN
  • Velocity: 4 M/sec
  • Peak acceleration: 23 g’s 
  • Frequency range: 0 up to 150 Hz
  • Rated duty cycle: 100%
  • File types: road profiles, custom waveform generation, random 
  • EV charging capabilities

Quality Auditing and Process optimization services

  • Audit plant processes
  • BSR quality process and optimization
    • Initial drive BSR quality random audits
    • 4-Poster BSR quality auditing
    • Launch BSR audits for manufacturing plants
    • New plant BSR audit training
  • ISO 26262
  • Manufacturing plant quality projects
  • Manufacturing plant audits
  • PDI Drivers – EOL Audit 
  • Quality audit initiatives
  • Vehicle plant audits and engineering lead

Documentation Services

  • Executive and media drive events
  • Media event/management drives
  • Risk management
  • Vehicle homologation


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