Mobile Combined Road Environmental Simulation Testing

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Bronco-mcrestThe mobile Combined Road Environmental Simulation Testing (m-CREST) unit is a fully transportable vehicle 4-Poster utilizing Servo Electric Actuators (SEA) with an enclosed environmental chamber.  It is comprised of two ISO containers:

  • Utility container - A self-contained accessory unit, which houses the environment package and electrical panels that support the Test container.
  • Test container - With expandable walls on each side that run the length of the container, so when the walls are fully expanded, it’s a completely functional environmental controlled road simulator.

Both are standard ISO 45 feet high cube containers, modified to incorporate all the necessary equipment and space needed to support vehicle launches and quality initiatives.  


Features of the m-CREST

The unique feature to the TÜV SÜD m-CREST is the ability to provide tire coupled and direct body excitation testing. The TÜV SÜD design incorporates a mobile reaction mass allowing the m-CREST to be set up at almost any location globally.

  • BSR rated: up to 21 kN peak dynamic force pounds
  • Stroke: 170 mm p-p (6.75 in p-p) 
  • Peak force: 21 kN peak dynamic force (8.1 kN RMS) 
  • Velocity: 4 m/s 
  • Peak acceleration: 225 m/s2 (23 g) 
  • Frequency range: 0 - 150 Hz (*) 
  • Rated duty cycle: 100% 
  • Wheelbase: 2400mm to 4500mm (94in to 179in) 
  • Vehicle Weight: 44 kN (9,900 lbs. - nominal) 56 kN (12,600 Lbs. - max)  
  • Vehicle height: 2360mm (93in)
  • Environmental chamber: Ambient to -40C in ~4 hrs; Ambient to 60C in ~2.5 hrs. 
  • Internal airbags for static payload support 
  • Excitation: road profiles, custom waveform generation, random 
  • EV Level 2 charging capabilities: NEMA 14-50 outlet (50A)
  • Power requirements: 480 V, 400A, 3 Phase 
  • Footprint: 35 ft. by 80 ft.
  • Landing pad: slope <1in over 10ft span (desired)

Unique Benefits and Advantages

Performance and capability make the m-CREST a competitive advantage:

  • Reproduce BSR road surfaces in a controlled test environment.  
  • Generate artificial road profiles enabling specific frequency profiles.
  • TÜV SÜD SEA 4-poster is capable of excitations between 0 Hz and 150 Hz (*). Improvement from Industry standard hydraulic 4-post roll off.
  • Environmental chamber with a temperature range from -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 160°F).
  • Direct surface heat onto the vehicle via 24 individual 1000 Watt Heat Load Lamps.
  • The m-CREST is invaluable for identifying, reproducing and root causing Buzz Squeak & Rattle (BSR) issues.
  • Real time results which impact the daily manufacturing and launch performance requirements.
  • Installed and operational in 48 hours.

m-CREST Testing Capabilities 

  • Ambient, hot and cold testing
  • Buzz Squeak & Rattle sound quality measurements
  • Data collection
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Cladding (Adhesion/Warpage) 
  • Vehicle function verification
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Door weather-strips testing
  • Powertrain - Cold Start
  • Closures, locks, and mechanisms
  • Vehicle Charging under environmental conditions
  • Freeze testing (wet cold soak)
  • Climate control system: Defrost cycle timing, performance
  • Window regulator testing
  • Seat testing
  • Interior trim
  • Restraints
  • Chassis systems under environmental conditions
  • Active suspension
  • Fit and Finish under environmental conditions
  • Electrical system performance under environmental conditions

TÜV SÜD staff will provide:

  • Problem solving of all S&R failures with containment and resolution implementation
  • Planning and tracking of vehicle tests to monitor S&R performance and degradation
  • Submission of reports and statistics for management reviews
  • Scheduling of all test requests in order to maximize the utilization across functional vehicle groups

Additional uses for the m-CREST:

  • Media events
  • Customer clinics/demonstrations
  • Auto shows/trade shows

Extensive Automotive testing experience

For more than 100 years, TÜV SÜD has been helping clients ensure the safety and reliability of their vehicles. Our team has been servicing the auto industry with similar mobile systems since 1994. We are the leader in BSR and attribute testing and have designed, manufactured, commissioned and provided customized testing for all OEM’s.

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