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Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) Testing

Testing, type approval and certification solutions for vehicles

ISOlate the causes of unwanted noises with BSR testing

Buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR) testing utilizes real life data files to simulate different road profiles which helps to isolate the causes of unwanted audible noises in an automobile. The road simulations therefore are able to provide repeatability during testing. After the testing and evaluation of unwanted sounds, recommendations on how to eliminate them are provided.

TÜV SÜD revolutionized road simulation testing with the introduction of the silent and efficient servo electric road simulator. Watch the video to learn more about our complete solution to detect, diagnose and eliminate annoying sounds as part of design or production verification and to help solidify your best in class quality reputation.

BSR analysis provides several key benefits:

  • Boost customer confidence in your product – while BSR may not be related to the vehicle’s safety, many customers perceive unwanted noises as dangerous or irritating
  • Enhance your brand’s reputation as a reliable manufacturer
  • Unresolved noise issues can result in costly rework and repairs during the manufacturing process – BSR testing helps you isolate them early

TÜV SÜD is a global leader in BSR testing

TÜV SÜD has been conducting BSR tests with leading automobile manufacturers on-site around the world for over 20 years, working to identify and resolve the root causes of BSR. Our highly qualified technicians have decades of experience in the automobile industry and can put your vehicles through extensive and rigorous testing to get straight to the source of the problem.

In addition to those on-site services, TÜV SÜD designs and builds customized solutions for BSR, NVH, performance and durability testing as well as other automotive assessments to meet your specific application and requirements. We are equipped to carry out buzz, squeak and rattle analysis on all kinds of vehicles, utilizing cutting-edge, BSR testing, techniques such as servoelectric actuator technology, which is far ahead of hydraulic or electromagnetic actuation in terms of key performance metrics, including force, velocity, acceleration, root mean square (RMS) error, NVH and energy consumption. SEA technology also delivers higher performance and accuracy, resulting in an increased frequency of repeatable tests.

With TÜV SÜD, you have a one-stop solution partner who assists you from the development phase to performance and durability in implementing product and process improvements to isolate and eliminate BSR.

As an independent third-party service provider, TÜV SÜD offers complete solutions, from on-site testing services to the development of customized testing equipment.

On-site BSR testing and auditing services

TÜV SÜD’s on-site testing services team has partnered with top-tier OEMs for more than twenty years, delivering testing services, root cause analysis and knowledge services, including:

  • BSR resolution at OEM factory, including support in design guides, validation as well as maintenance
  • Four poster BSR testing, quality audits and drive file replication comparison
  • Body air leak/wind noise testing at OEM factory
  • Full-service competitive vehicle benchmarking

Building custom-designed BSR test rigs

TÜV SÜD designs and builds custom-designed BSR test rigs to simulate road conditions to isolate root causes of unwanted sounds audible to drivers and passengers. Specific types of test rigs include:

  • Fixed, Ambient or Environmental Four Poster (FAFP or FEFP)
  • Fully Transportable Ambient or Environmental Four Poster (TAFP or TEFP)
  • Modular Above Ground Ambient or Environmental Four Poster (MAGAFP or MAGEFP)

Our test rigs include single and multiple specimen damper performance and durability test systems, elastomer characterization test stands, single and multi-axis vibration systems, modular above ground or transportable servoelectric actuator (SEA) four poster testing systems, with the latter introducing the possibility of silent and efficient servoelectric road simulation.

On-site staffing solution

Our qualified test technicians can be placed at your facility to utilize your customized solutions to conduct testing offering and impartial service and providing full reports including root cause analysis where required.


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