Enabling progress with Corporate sustainability services 

To enable progress in sustainable development, we partner with our customers to fulfill their commitment to their employees, customers, and the environment with a holistic portfolio of corporate sustainability services. Through our services, we aim to inspire trust in the safety of sustainable technologies and boost the credibility of processes, products, and systems. If you're looking for a specific service not currently listed, contact our team directly.

sustainable energy

Sustainable Energy

Renewable energy generation, storage, and distribution services that support corporate carbon neutrality.

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new mobility

Sustainable Mobility

Services that ensure the safety and quality of new sustainable mobility technologies such as e-mobility and H2 vehicles and infrastructure.

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green operations and infrastructure

Green Buildings and Infrastructure

Services that provide resource efficient buildings and infrastructure.

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sustainable products

Sustainable Products

Services that help create sustainable products that bring environmental, economic and social benefits.

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responsible business practices

Responsible Business Practices

Responsible business practices by TÜV SÜD provide companies with sustainable governance services.

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GHG Validation and Verification

GHG Validation and Verification

Supporting our clients’ carbon and environmental initiatives.

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When you work with us, you will access:

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Holistic and interdisciplinary expertise specific to your use case

TÜV SÜD provides competence in multiple industries and regions related to corporate sustainability. Our experts provide you with know-how centred around specific use cases. We guide our customers on corporate sustainability topics with our expert knowledge and provide an independent validation of their commitment to sustainability with testing, inspection, audit and certification services.


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Next practices in sustainability

Sustainability standards create a common benchmark to measure and validate the impact of sustainability efforts. With our vast experience in sustainability, our experts are invited to participate in national and international standard setting committees to shape the development of these standards. By working with us, you gain access to valuable information to next practices in sustainability strategy and knowhow.


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Global footprint

TÜV SÜD has a global footprint of offices, laboratories and experts located in over 1,000 locations. By participating actively as founding members in sustainability initiatives in different countries, we are a part of a worldwide ecosystem and network realising sustainability. This global network enables us to partner our customers with best-in-class knowledge wherever their sustainability ambitions take them, while maintaining independence and impartiality.




Learn about our commitment to sustainability

Since 1866, sustainability has been a core guiding principle of TÜV SÜD. It’s our mission to enable a safer and more sustainable ecosystem for people, the environment, and companies. We help society to tackle the risks that are inherent to technological development, including the need to become more sustainable. Our services are embedded in sustainability, helping to establish trust and ensure safety in today and tomorrow’s sustainable development.


Climate change is the most critical challenge to achieving sustainable development in the coming decades.

During the United Nations (UN) Climate Action Summit in June 2019, UN Leaders announced the urgency of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C in response to the global climate crisis. To realise this, UN calls upon the world to attain carbon neutrality before 2050.

Countries globally are committing to this goal by charting national movements. At the corporate level, companies are rising to the challenge by committing to measures aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goals. Sustainability is expected to drive the narrative in business and society in the coming decades.

Societies and politics are implementing new frame works and regulations in order to achieve national and international greenhouse gas reduction goals, while companies are committed to leverage even more ambitious reduction goals along their specific value chains. This includes their own production processes and facilities but also covers suppliers and external service providers.

To enable progress in sustainable development, we partner our customers to fulfil their commitment to employees, customers and environment with a holistic portfolio of corporate sustainability services.


Through our corporate sustainability services, we aim to inspire trust in the safety of sustainable technologies and boost credibility of processes, products, and systems.


Together with our partners, we offer tailored corporate sustainability solutions for our clients along existing and upcoming regulations and by sharing best practices to facilitate the transition process most efficiently and with lasting impact. This creates certainty and traceability and therefore the necessary independent transparency towards regulators, the internal management and finally towards the general public.


Find out more about OUR own sustainability activities. Contact us directly for further enquiries.

Sustainability Strategy
We understand sustainability with all its aspects as an integral constituent of our entrepreneurial activities.
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Governance and Compliance​  ​
The unceasing advancement of excellence and efficiency in our leadership and our services allows us to preserve and grow the trust anchored in us.
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Procurement and Supply Chain
We are increasingly focussing on suppliers who are just as committed to their corporate responsibility as we are.
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shutterstock_124923551_Banner for 1.4 employees_1280x365
We are keeping our employees up to date with current knowledge and creating a working environment that fosters personal development, involvement and wellbeing.
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We aim to contribute to climate and resource protection and thus minimize the negative environmental impacts of our business activities.
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Read about how we aim to achieve our goals in the individual topic areas on this website and our sustainability report.
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