Automotive EMC Testing: Fundamentals and Best Practices

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Ensure the Safety of Your Eletronic and Electrical Automotive Components with EMC Testing

Before electronic or electrical components can be used in vehicle fabrication by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), they must be tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to ensure that they do not create harmful interference with any other vehicle components or surrounding electrical devices, and that they can operate as required in the presence of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Suppliers are responsible for devising test plans that comply with the requirements of any OEMs with whom they plan on doing business that sell cars in most major vehicle markets. Suppliers must also be closely engaged with the EMC testing process to ensure compliance is achieved and can be readily proven on demand. Working with a renowned third-party testing provider like TÜV SÜD is key to facilitating these processes.

Discover how TÜV SÜD can help your organization gain global market access by complying with automotive EMC standards.

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