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Employee Spotlight: Marty McLear


Marty McLear - EMC Test Engineer/ Bluetooth Qualification Consultant at TÜV SÜD CanadaMarty McLear

EMC Test Engineer/ Bluetooth Qualification Consultant at TÜV SÜD Canada

#FutureInYourHands – This motto properly describes how TÜV SÜD empowers its employees. It’s best to hear from TÜV SÜD executives and staff members what their personal experiences are working for TÜV SÜD.

Can you describe your role within the company?
I’m an EMC Test Engineer and my job is primarily testing and certifying commercial products, including any type of robotics, medical, or IT equipment. I also work as a Bluetooth Qualification Consultant. I work specifically with designers and engineers who have integrated Bluetooth radios and I help qualify their devices for both regulatory and compliance purposes.

How did you choose this career path?
Based on my experience, I would say the career path chose me. Originally, I was an electronics and software developer and I started off in two-way radio, paging systems, and GPS systems. I worked in that field for nine years. Moving to Canada, I became a field engineer working with RF systems for vehicle tolling and communication systems. I would say my background was fairly broad before I came over to TÜV SÜD to work in the testing field.

What are some market trends you’re keeping an eye on?
I like to keep updated on home automation. So, I’m always interested in the automation of the home, which has trickled down from the industrial world. Automating everything from your HVAC system to your doors, lights, garage door opener and everything else IoT. I personally follow home automation, but professionally I follow industrialized automation more.

What do you enjoy most about working at TÜV SÜD?
I enjoy the customer impact. I really enjoy meeting with clients, as well as testing the products and, ultimately, giving them the certification that they’re looking for. It’s a very rewarding role; it’s something that I haven’t experienced in the development engineering world, but now have on the testing side.

Are there any challenges you’ve faced during your career that have taught you important lessons?
Obtaining my Bluetooth Qualification Consultant certification was one of the largest learning curves that I’ve ever faced on both the testing and technical aspects of that discipline. It was something that I hadn’t done before, so taking on that role was quite challenging. Now that I’m certified, things have become a lot easier, but that was one of the steepest learning curves that I had ever gone through.

When not working, how do you spend your spare time?
Generally, I like to travel and go biking. During the summertime I like to go to my cottage and during the winter I really enjoy snowboarding.


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