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Future in your hands

Future in your hands

#Passion for Technology

“Being an Expert of Technology, I Test and Authorize Device Safety” 


MHS Lab Test Engineer

In Order to Meet the Needs of More Customers, I Decided to Acquire a Higher Level of Expertise and Experience Beyond the Design and Development Field
After graduating from university, I was involved in the design and development field at a medical device manufacturer for 10 years, and found myself having the following concerns. 1. Since the product development period is long and one project is tied up for a long period of time, it is not possible to be involved with many products despite the number of years spent on the job. 2. I cannot gain experience in project management, because I cannot become a development manager unless the timing and personnel situation fit. 3. The skills to be acquired are too specialized and limited, so there is no wide range of work and continuous application is not possible. For medical devices it is typical that the development team is small, the product life is long and devices are produced in small quantities, so I believe there are probably many engineers who are similarly troubled. I was proficient only in the design of specific medical devices, felt uneasy about the future of being inexperienced in management, and wanted to make more customers happy by increasing my own value. When I was looking for a change in career, I decided to join TÜV SÜD, where the people who work the and the values match with me. 

You can Work Globally through Getting Involved with Various Devices and Cutting-edge Technologies
The projects we are in charge of are usually short-term, one to two months per project, and we do not work on one project all the time but work on various products simultaneously. The experience gained through the project is recorded as the competence of the engineer, and you can feel the growth in the form of clear numbers rather than vague experiences.
There are many types of equipment that test engineers oversee, and you will naturally learn many standards.  Even if there is a difference in the design of each device, the corresponding standard will not change unless it is revised, so as you gain experience, you will deepen your understanding of the standard and the range of products that you can handle will expand. The company supports your development, with webinars, training exclusively for TÜV SÜD Group employees etc... In addition, you can work not only domestically but in a global environment, interacting with overseas engineers and inviting foreign instructors to provide world-class training. I’m passionate to learn new standards and latest technology in order to make clients satisfied. 
You can also become responsible for projects and gain experience in project management. Each engineer is responsible for certain projects and will be in charge of the schedule and how to proceed. It's difficult until you get used to the difference in time scale, but I think that you will gradually get the point as you work while receiving follow-up and advice from other engineers. Some of my senior engineers are handling projects for overseas customers, so my current goal is to be able to take charge of such work someday.
Lastly, if you belong to one company, you will inevitably find yourself in a community with limited technology assignments, and will be shaped by the company's unique culture and way of thinking. At TÜV SÜD, I have the opportunity to work with engineers from many manufacturers, and I am amazed at the variety of design ideas. I think one of the attractions of this work is that you can get in touch with the latest technology from the perspective of an engineer and deepen your knowledge. 

After Putting Myself through Job Hunting, I Found the New Career Stage “Test Engineer”. I’m Awaiting Everyone Who Can Sympathize with My Career Choice.
For me too job hunting was hard, so I can understand the feeling of being troubled by changing careers from a normal engineer to an auditor or specialist for product standards. As mentioned earlier, working at TÜV SÜD also means working in a global environment that connects with the world by expanding one's own capacity and creating a richer career plan outside the design and development industry. I hope that no matter which way you choose, it will not be a regrettable choice. We are looking forward to working with everyone who chose TÜV SÜD on that basis. 

MHS Lab., AMP, MHS Division

MHS Lab is consisted of 8 engineers and 1 coordinator. 

<Daily Work>
My main job as a test engineer is to take care of medical device products from companies, conduct electrical safety tests according to different standards in each country and region, and create test reports. I feel that this is a responsible job because the report proves the safety of a product.  
There are various test standards I am involved with in my work, of course including the general rule IEC 60601-1, which is an international standard for medical electrical equipment, as well as sub-general rules and individual standards. There are many standards that we only know when a test request comes in, but we will proceed with the test in consultation with other engineers by referring to past projects and materials.
We may welcome customers to the laboratory for witness tests and technical meetings, and conversely, we may go to the laboratory to conduct training sessions on standards and on-site conformity assessment. During my training period at the company, I participated as an observer accompanied by a senior engineer, while aiming to become independent. 
Outside of engineering work, I am studying standards to acquire the necessary qualifications. In the future, I plan to attend related webinars so that I can work as a judge for MDR (European Medical Device Regulations) and IVDR (European In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulations).

<Project Flow>
Term of project: 1~6 months/ project



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