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Future in your hands

Future in your hands

#Passion for Technology

“Provide Trust and Contribute to people’s happiness through ensuring product safety”

Mr. Satoshi Hosoya 

EMC Lab., EMC Dept., Service Line Division, Test Engineer

My studies in university led me into the certification industry 
It was in university, that I learned that people can safely use electric devices in their everyday life thanks to the existence of a trustworthy testing industry. As I tried to find out more about how the test are done, EMC testing seemed especially important to me, which further on guided me into my job. During job hunting, I looked for jobs in Yonezawa where I was born and raised. I decided to join TÜV SÜD Japan, because the Yonezawa Testing Center is actually the biggest testing center in the whole Tohoku region, so I hoped to gain a lot of knowledge as an engineer. Another important factor was that many of my seniors in university were already working for TSJ at the time. 

EMC Engineers Take on an Important Role in Securing People’s Safety as the “Guards of Device Safety” 
For each standard the testing procedure is different, and some long-term projects take more than a month. In order to understand the testing procedure we need to know the product even better than our customers.  Thus, despite studying about electricity, electromagnetic waves and the standards, an enormous amount of documents and surveys is required. It can be a tough job, but my passion for technology motivates me to be an expert. I am proud of being an EMC engineer or a “Device Safety Guard” and take on the important role to certify the safety of all kinds of products. I am gaining wide-ranged knowledge and experiences, because the projects we take on are so various, including machine tools, medical equipment, marine equipment, information equipment etc. and I get the chance to work with all kinds of products that way.

Thanks to the Colleagues and an Environment Full of Passion for Technology it is Easy to Follow Your Ambitions
Because the Yonezawa Testing Center the biggest testing institution in the Tohoku region that is internationally acknowledged, allowing me as an EMC engineer to work in the best working environment with an excellently equipped testing facility and cutting-edge technology.  Also, I am surrounded by aspiring engineers who are passionate for technology, who constantly inspire me to consider the clients’ needs and what I can do to achieve their goals. In the end, I feel most motivated when our clients are satisfied with our provided service.

If You Want to Study Technology and Work in a Global Environment While Enjoying the Beautiful Nature of Yonezawa, We Welcome You at the YTC.
Even without any knowledge about EMC, our knowledgeable engineers will teach you everything, and your hard work will be rewarded. In this kind of environment everyone takes on their tasks with a positive attitude.Thanks to an excellent social welfare system,  you are flexible to balance both private and work by making use of your paid vacation days etc.. Hearing the term EMC engineer, it might be difficult to imagine what expertise is exactly needed, but we are waiting for ambitious engineers who aspire to gain this expertise and work on a global level.  

EMC Lab., EMC Dept., Service Line Division
The Service Line Division is set in the Yonezawa Testing Center in Yamagata and divided in Product Safety and EMC. There are three groups - the EMC Lab, the EMC Certification Group and the RF Group. In the EMC Lab, 15 engineers are working and conducting EMC tests. 

We take care of testing electrical devices such as machine devices/medical devices/marine devices/information devices.
*EMC Testing (Electromagnetic Compatibility) measures the unwanted noise emitted from electrical products and confirms whether the level is not so high as to have a negative impact on other devices and confirms whether electric products are affected even when noise is applied on them. Thus, the test certifies the electromagnetic compatibility of the end product and confirms that it does not cause any trouble in everyday life.



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