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Future in your hands

Future in your hands

#Leave A Mark

“Seeking for a Variety of Talents Who Will Work on a Global Scale and Leave a Mark in the History of TÜV SÜD”

Ms. Ruriko Mitsuishi 

HR Talent Acquisition

 “Let’s Innovate the HR Department Together.”, Were the Words That Encouraged me when We Shake Hands.
I was looking for a new job opportunity, because I wanted to make use of my experiences and my great English skills as a recruiting consultant with focus on foreign talents. Although, as a recruiter I was used to job interviews and prepared perfectly for the interview with our HR director, he still caught me on the hop with completely unexpected questions - something I will never forget. Following that interview, I met the other HR members and found that their professional work style and the friendly atmosphere matched me really well. More than anything however, the message from the HR director that he depends on me to innovate the HR department from the start, impressed me and made my decision definite. I feel rewarded that I have the chance to organize everything from the start and have a large scope of discretionary power.

What TÜV SÜD Values are the “People”, so I my Goal is to Find Talents Who will be Responsible for Contributing to the Company.
Because we are a niche industry, it is challenging to explain to agents and candidates about the industry and job positions, but I see it as a great chance to promote our company to a lot of people. Many people generally imagine the certification business in a conservative way, so I explain carefully in a clear manner. Since TÜV SÜD is not a manufacturing company, we value our employees as our most important human “resource”. In fact, the candidates who fulfill our requirements in the market are limited, so I always enjoy finding talented people. It is like seeking for diamonds and I am happy, every time I hear the news about our newcomers’ success stories and their passion towards their work.

I am Looking Forward to Meet New TÜV SÜDers who Use Their Certification Business Expertise to Contribute to Our Company Following Our Three Core Values.  
Seeing each person working earnestly and with pride in their specialized work field they are assigned to is really special to me. With the openness unique to foreign-affiliated companies, it is easy to exchange opinions and have great discretionary power. In my case, I went to overseas training in the first year of joining the company, and while interacting with global HR, I was entrusted with the big project of introducing a new recruitment management system. In addition, I was able to propose and implement direct recruiting in order to develop new recruitment channels. Being able to challenge various things voluntarily is one very attractive feature. Since I am also in charge of managing this career site, I hope this site can be enjoyed by as many candidates and others from outside our company as possible. I’d like to keep challenging to leave a mark for Japan’s recruiting. 
Based on the features "Professional excellence", "leave a mark", and "passion for technology" - why don't you join us in looking for a career leap as a TÜV SÜDer?

Human Resources Group
The Human Resources Department is handling various fields such as payroll, human resource development, and recruitment, with the Director of the HR Department at the center, and a team of specialists that supports each other in any case.

Recruitment design planning / Channel development / Recruitment career site management / Candidate & agent support / Onboarding management / Employer branding 


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