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Future in your hands

Future in your hands

#Leave A Mark 

“Not a Consultant, but Supporting Clients as an Advisory”

Mr. Taizo Yoshida 

Management Service Group. Manager and Auditor

Leaving the Car Manufacturing Field, and Changing My Career Path  Toward the Auditing World has been the Biggest Turning Point of My Life
At my former workplace, a car manufacturer, I had been responsible for vehicle certification/design investment/quality assurance for both the domestic and international market, so my goal was to make good use of my knowledge at the new job I indeed started of as an auditor for the Automotive division, taking advantage of my previous experience, but then applied internally for a position in the Management Service division to pursue a new career path. The industry and the materials I handled were completely different, but there were several similarities, such as the work atmosphere and the way to communicate with the clients that made it easy for me to catch up. 

I always Take My Clients Needs Into Consideration During My Audits, so that They Feel Secure Entrusting Me With Their Projects 
As an MS auditor you have to be able to analyze the customers documents at high speed and then point out issues. You also have to put effort into communicating with clients. In case, non-conformities are found during the audit, I explain clients the causes carefully and clearly, so as not to make them feel uncomfortable. We auditors are not consultants, and prohibited to lecture clients directly. However, when clients show me that they trust and depend on me by asking for my advice or choosing me for their audits. I am happy and feel motivated to deliver results that leave a positive impression. This is my story of leave a mark and I will continue to make clients happy. 

With Plentiful Knowledge and Experiences, You can Become a “Food Expert”
Auditors who evaluate and control food manufacturers' products from the standpoint of a third party are in an important position with a high degree of social contribution. Dealing with the declining birthrate, aging population, and declining population, more and more food manufacturers are finding a way to expand overseas based on the recent Japanese food boom in order to respond to the shrinking domestic market. Furthermore, the demand for food safety is increasing day by day in Japan to meet the demand of the Tokyo Olympics, and getting a food safety certification from TÜV SÜD will be useful for customer management, both domestic and international. If you have background from the food industry and become a food management system auditor, in addition to the in-house products handled on-site, you will certify various food companies. You can acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience and by that become a food expert. Once you get the qualification, you can continue working even beyond retirement and be able to play an active role in the long term. 

TÜV SÜD Welcomes Auditors who are Ready to Work Independently in a Global Field
An attitude of working independently and making your own decisions is highly evaluated at our company. Managing projects while actively communicating and working with not only our customers but also TÜV SÜD entities around the world is a highly rewarding experience. We are always looking for talents who can think and act on their own here at TÜV SÜD, where those who proactively carry out their work can play an active role. I am waiting for a brave person who will jump into the auditing world, using their knowledge and experience that they have cultivated in their previous job.

Management Service Division


The management service department consists of two teams, which are divided into an MS team that handles IATF16919 and IRIS, including the quality management system ISO9001 / ISO14001, and a Food team that handles food safety management standards ISO22000 / SQS / FSSC. The Tokyo Headquarters and Kansai Office are made up of 16 auditors, sales staff, and coordinators. In addition, about 15 external auditors support the team. We also have Mama auditors who work while raising their children at the same time. In the department, each person works independently as professionals, but if an issue occurs, the team supports each other.

<Flow of becoming a management service / food management system auditor>

In order to become a management service / food management auditor, you will prepare for about half a year while attending lectures / OJT training / accompanying customers, until you are qualified at the German headquarters. After registering as an auditor, you will be qualified to perform audits, and go to the customer for audits by yourself. The goal is to work on projects independently as a chief auditor. After that, the path to become an expert or even manager who unites members of other departments opens up.


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