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Future in your hands

Future in your hands

#Professional Excellence

“What I like about TÜV SÜD is that people care about each other and respect diversity”

Ms. Hirano

Operation Management Group, COM Division/Coordinator

My Major in University Led Me to Join TÜV SÜD
In university I majored in German literature. Hoping to find a job related to Germany, I found out about TSJ.. First, I had worked in the editor and sales department in a publishing company, so I had no knowledge of the certification industry whatsoever. However, my new TÜV colleagues were all mid-career hires like me and their warm welcome made the start easy for me to quickly get accustomed to the new job.

TÜV SÜD Provides enough Freedom to their Employees to find their Personal Balance between Work and Personal Life Events
While working in TÜV SÜD, I have taken maternity leave twice and am working reduced hours since the kids are still small. The working environment is great to have a good work-life balance, with features such as flex time and remote work. In my opinion as an TÜV employer really respects our independence. Even though it is a desk job, I am able to take on new challenges by participating in different projects, which gives me a lot of motivation. There is episode related to my professional excellence. Since joining TSJ I have participated in the big project of introducing PSE (scheduling system) and CRM (quotation creation system) which were already used at our HQ in Germany, to Japan and took over the role of project leader. In order to adapt the system for utilization in Japan, I first analyzed the TÜV SÜD workflows in and outside of Japan. Adjusting the system and flow, creating manuals, and providing trainings to managers, engineers, and sales members was a hard task but a very valuable experience for me.

The Mission of my Job is to be the Bridge between our Customers and our Auditors, Engineers and Sales Team
When I think about the fact that the products I deal with, are distributed in the world, enrich people’s lives and beyond that foster future technology development , I believe that my work contains an important mission  that is worth to carry out and I am happy to be a part of this. I would love have even more colleagues who feel the same, so that we can share our motivation.

Operation Management Group, COM Division


Our COM division consists of 6 groups, and 9 coordinators are working in the operation management group.  We generally work independently on each of our tasks, but support each other as a team, if anyone needs help.

<Daily Work>
I coordinate safety test projects for auto batteries, create quotations and invoices and arrange the audit and testing schedule for our engineers and auditors, with clients. 


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