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Future in your hands

Future in your hands

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Ms. Chiyo Nagano

IEP, COM Division Additive Manufacturing Expert

Providing Technical Support for Certification Authority as an Engineer was Close to My Ideal.
I specifically looked out for jobs where I could utilize my experiences in additive manufacturing (AM). I was particularly interested in working for the Japanese manufacturing industry that focuses on small to medium business. When searching for jobs related to additive manufacturing, I was introduced to various job openings such as sales for equipment manufacturer, operator, designer and engineer. Among those jobs, I considered working as technical support in a certification authority was closest to my ideal. 

“Connecting Japanese Clients and German Engineers and Auditors “ - My Mission is Building a Bridge between Japan and Germany. 

You can see my professional excellence in my daily works. 

Handling and managing projects 
I’m handling and managing projects for the certification service and knowledge service such as process construction support. Beside the general project management, my major task is to facilitate the technical communication between Japanese clients and German engineers and auditors to promote the smooth development of their projects.

●Developing and lecturing seminars and trainings 
TÜV SÜD is leading in the AM field, especially in quality management. In fact, TÜV SÜD acts as the chairman of a group for international standard activity. Using this know-how I develop trainings for Japanese clients. I localize the contents of TÜV SÜD trainings and materials for the Japanese market, as well as develop original Japanese services, and take over the task of lecturing. 

In TÜV SÜD Countless Chances lie in front of you. It is just a Question of your Discipline and Creativity to Develop New Services. 
TÜV SÜD’s Clarity offers a pleasant work experience. I’m not sure, whether this is because it is a certification authority, the German spirit or its corporate culture, but I found various matters are clearly defined and documented, and people act accordingly. For some people this might feel stiff. However, I like the emphasis that is put on objectivity, facts, ethics and equality rather than subjective. 
Developing services according to my own ideas, while following the clear and fair guidelines, I feel rewarded delivering the result to our clients.

Let’s Dive Deeper into the Certification Industry Field Where You Can Demonstrate the Knowledge and Experiences You Have Earned. 
I initially worked as design engineer at a car manufacturer. When I found the job opening for TÜV SÜD, I realized for the first time that there are jobs where I can work in a technical environment, but in a different role. There is various approaches to turn the things you like to do or like to achieve into your work. Just take a good look and TÜV SÜD and find out, whether our company can provide you that kind of opportunity. 

IEP, COM Division
Our IEP team works with industrial machinery etc. and our members are spread out to our branches in Yonezawa, Shinjuku and Osaka. While I’m working in Shinjuku, our team leader sits in Osaka. This does not only hold for the IEP team. Many of our teams are separated and working in different locations but we communicate well. Our company offers a work environment where we do not feel the distance, when we work together via phone, online meetings and mail.

Workflow(The case of Additive Manufacturing Team)>
 I am contributing as an AM expert, to our company’s services for the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry. At the moment I provide technical project support for both clients and the government, develop trainings and hold lectures at exhibitions. 

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