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GMA Service Scope

Capitalise on the market opportunities in GMA Service Scope

The scopes below cover the following product categories:

  • Automotive components

  • Commercial products

  • Consumer products

  • Healthcare and medical devices

Our GMA services cover additional product categories that are not listed in the above. For more information, please contact us.

  • Africa


    • LoA
    • CoC
    • ICASA Mark  

    Click for South Africa market access information 

  • America
  • Asia


    • CCC Certificate
    • CQC Certificates
    • SRRC (State Radio Regulatory Committee) Certificate
    • NAL (Network Access License) Certificate
    • China Energy Label (CEL) Registration
    • Voluntary China certificate for Energy Conservation Product (CECP)
    • CFDA Medical Devices Registration and Testing services

    Click for China market access information


    • ISI Mark
    • BIS registration for IT/AV products
    • India local representative service
    • WPC approval for telecom/radio

    Click for India market access information


    •  TÜV SÜD Diamond PSE
    • TÜV SÜD Circle PSE
    • S-JQA Mark for LED and Battery
    • MIC approval
    • JATE approval
    • Voluntary VCCI mark
    • JET approval for PV modules
    • Top Runner Program
    • Certification of Class II/III Medical Devices and In vitro Diagnostics reagents
    • Quality Management System Audits (JGMP)

    Click for Japan market access information


    •  SIRIM Label or Certification Mark
    • Medical devices certification of registration
    • Quality management system audits according to ISO 13485 (Good Distribution Practice of Medical Device - GDPMD)

    Click for Malaysia market access information


    •  CRC Approval

    Click for Mongolia market access information


    • Certificate of Conformity for Electrical Safety
    • IDA Equipment Registration
    • NEA Registration
    • HSA Medical Device Certification
    • Review and certification of medical device manufacturers according to ISO 13485 and GDPMDS

    Click for Singapore market access information


    • KC Mark for Electrical Appliances Safety
    • KC Mark for EMC/Telecom/Radio
    • KCs Mark & S Mark for Industrial Machinery & Equipment
    • Technical File Review for 8 categories of class II Medical Devices

    Click for South Korea market access information


    • BSMI Certificates
    • NCC Approval
    • Energy Efficiency Label
    • Audits of medical device manufacturers according to Taiwanese Good Manufacturing Practice (TGMP)
    • Issuance of confirmation letters detailing the products which are covered under the scope of a valid ISO 13485 or MDD certificate

    Click for Taiwan market access information

  • Australia
    • Certificate of Approval for declared electrical household appliances
    • Certificate of Suitability for non-declared electrical appliances
    • C-tick
    • A-tick
    • RCM registration supplier service
    • GEMS registration (MEPS and Energy Labeling)
    • MRA Certification within the European / Australian Mutual Recognition Agreement for medical devices
    • Quality Management System Audits within the scope of the  Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP)

    Click for Australia market access information 

    • Europe

      CUSTOM UNION (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

      • Custom Union Safety Approval for low-voltage equipment (CU TR 004/2011)
      • Custom Union EMC Approval for low-voltage equipment (CU TR 020/2011)
      • Declaration of Conformity in Customs Union
      • Russian GOST-R Certificate of Conformity  
      • Customs Union Ex-Proof Certificate
      • Russian Radio Frequency Approvals
      • Russian Fire Safety Certifications
      • Russia: Registration of Medical Devices
      • Russia: Declaration of Conformity for Medical Devices
      • Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments
      • Permit for Use of ROSTEKHNADZOR (RTN – Industrial Safety)

      Click for Custom Union market access information

    • Middle East


      • SII Standards Mark
      • SII Type Approval
      • Type Approval for PV
      • MoC Approval for radio/telecom
      • Energy Label Registration

      Click for Israel market access information


      • SASO CoC Certificate
      • Pre-shipment Inspection
      • Energy Efficiency Label

      Click for Saudi Arabia market access information


      • ECAS Registration Certificate
      • TRA Approval for telecom/radio
      • EESL (Energy Efficiency Standardization & Labeling)
      • Testing and Certification Body for Civil Defense

      Click for UAE market access information



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