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Capitalise on the market opportunities in Colombia

Capitalise on the market opportunities in Colombia

ColombiaRegulations and compliance requirements can pose challenges to companies who are looking to export their new products in Colombia. Most products entering the Colombian markets must meet the requirements of the country. The local laws and product regulations are generally put in place to provide assurance that the products and services are safe, of good quality and fit for consumers’ needs.

Ensure that your products successfully meet Colombian standards by working with a market leader, TÜV SÜD. TÜV SÜD fully understands the local requirements and procedures applicable in Colombia. You can rely on our expertise and knowledge to help you access Colombian markets efficiently while at the same time, be assured of our objectivity, integrity and professionalism.


  • Plug Types

    Plug A

    Plug A

    Plug B

    Plug B

  • Electrical Safety

    Regulatory agency

    The National Accreditation Body of Colombia (ONAC)


    • Technical Regulation of Lighting and Public Lighting (RETILAP): The fundamental objective of this regulation is to establish the requirements that must be met by residential and public lighting systems, aiming at consumer safety, prevention of the environment, and minimising the risks caused by installations and use of lighting systems.
    • Resolution NO. 0721 came into force on 19 December 2019, which applies to all zinc-carbon and alkaline batteries except the rechargeable batteries, button cell batteries, and batteries entered as non-commercial samples.


    RETILAP can be achieved in accordance with four optional certification schemes (based on ISO/IEC 17067 standard):

    • Scheme Type 1a: Type testing (valid for the tested product only).
    • Scheme Type 1b: Type testing (product sample from a production batch)
    • Scheme Type 4: Type testing (product sample), factory inspection and surveillance (periodical testing and factory inspection)
    • Scheme Type 5: Type testing (product sample), management system audit (production process) and surveillance (periodical testing and audit)

    Applicable categories

    Some products requiring RETILAP approval: Solar panels, connectors and components for photovoltaic projects, electric motors, LED lighting products.


    Being one of the leaders in the market of conformity verification services, we are eager to offer you, as our customers, the most beneficial terms of services.

    • Energy Efficiency

      Regulatory agency

      Ministry of Mines and Energy (MINMINAS)


      • RETIQ (Technical Regulations for Labeling End-Use Electrical and Fuel Gas Equipment): Energy Efficiency Technical Regulation – Resolution 41012
      • RETIQ is technical regulation of labelling, regulations seeking to promote the rational and efficient use of energy in products that use electricity and combustible gas, through the establishment and mandatory use of labels to report on the performance of the teams in terms of energy consumption and efficiency indicators.


      • Prove the compliance with RETIQ through obtaining a Certificate of conformity or, in permitted cases, issuing Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity and labelling of product.
      • Register a product in the Registry of Manufacturers and Importers of Products or provide a license to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism through the one-stop foreign trade window (“VUCE”) for the imported products that are subject to technical regulation and require only a certificate of conformity.
      • Report to the surveillance authority: a name of a manufacturer or an importer and its legal representative or agent, which is Colombian resident, and an address for notifications, as well as any additional information determined by the regulators of the product.

      Applicable product categories

      Mandatory energy efficiency labelling is required for the following product categories:

      • Air conditioners
      • Commercial refrigerators
      • Electric water heaters
      • gas accumulation (tank) water heaters
      • Gas household cooking appliances
      • Gas tankless water heaters
      • Household electric washing machines
      • Household refrigerators
      • Lighting
      • Single-phase induction motors
      • Three-phase induction motors

      Our services at a glance

      Being one of the leaders in the market of conformity verification services, we are eager to offer you, as our customers, the most beneficial terms of services.

    • Telecom and Wireless


      Communications Regulation Commission (CRC)


      • Resolution 087 of 1997 establishes the general conditions of homologation of terminal equipment.
      • The Comision de Regulacion de Comunicaciones (CRC) is the telecom regulatory commission of Colombia, which has voluntary approvals for all telecom equipment except for products that have voice communication functions, such as mobile phones, and for specific types of satellite communication products.


      Type approval procedure:

      • Submission of application to CRC
      • FCC grants and reports, or CE RED reports, can be used to obtain the type approvals for these regulated devices
      • Issuance of type approval


      Mandatory approvals are only required for fixed, mobile and global satellite telephone handsets. All other products can simply obtain a “Letter of Voluntary Approval” from the CRC, in which they state that the product is exempt from type approval requirements, and may be imported and sold in Colombia.


      TÜV SÜD has the experience and capability to support manufacturers in attaining compliance with Colombian requirements and obtaining the necessary approval.


    TÜV SÜD has the expertise and laboratory infrastructure to support manufacturers in obtaining the necessary approvals and compliance in accordance to the Colombia's standards and requirements. TÜV SÜD test reports are accepted for safety approval and recognised by relevant authorities internationally. TÜV SÜD also supports manufacturers in obtaining voluntary endorsement labels.


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