Software: Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU PED Professional Package Full Version + Update Service

Pressure Equipment Directive Version 7

In cooperation with TÜV SÜD experts we evolved this practical software to facilitate the application of Pressure Equipment Directive. Just a few steps to reach your goal – via interactive tools supported by a user-friendly reference source that includes search functions to filter for individual terms and cross references, which can then be displayed by a single mouse click. Parameter input and the declaration of conformity are only a few steps away. During this process, you can switch between the interactive section and the original text of the Pressure Equipment Directive at any time.
• Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU – Original text of the Directive in English, including guidelines and additional remarks
• International library – Original text of the Directive in 19 European languages
• UKCA Regulations – A Guide through the regulation, the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation 2016, and the Simple Pressure Vessel Safety Regulations 2016, both in a consolidated version
• Categorization – Graphic assignment of a pressure equipment to a category on the basis of its hazard potential
• Hazard and risk analysis – Proposal how to perform a 4-step hazard and risk analysis for pressure equipment and assemblies
• Operating instructions – How to prepare operating instructions for pressure equipment and assemblies
• Material database – Editable material database, with selected properties
• Test pressure calculation – for the standard water pressure test according to EN 13445-5
• EC-GHS/CLP 1272/2008 substance list – Database with over 4,400 substances offers Support in fluid categorization
• Particular material appraisal – Preparation of a particular material appraisal for non-harmonized materials
• European approval for materials – Database containing the materials with European material approval
• Full pressure cycles - Allowable number of full pressure cycles according to EN 13445-3
Update – If you already have a full version, you can use our update. You will receive all updates by December 31st. of the year of purchase. If you order the update from November, you will receive the updates by December 31st. of the next year. The costs are € 185.00 plus VAT per license.

Update Service – If you already have a full version, you can use our subscription service. You will receive all updates continuously until you cancel the subscription service. There are no notice periods. If you order the subscription service from November, you will receive the updates for the following year free of charge. The costs are € 155.00 plus VAT per license.

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