Advanced Multiphase Facility

A unique worldwide research and calibration facility

A unique worldwide research and calibration facility

In this current climate of minimising production costs and ensuring that production remains economically viable, the measurement of multiphase flows is a key factor in understanding the performance of production operations. Significant remaining production opportunities are to be found in extreme environments with higher operating pressures and temperatures and these conditions can impact the performance of multiphase flow measurement devices.

What is the Advanced Multiphase Facility?

To meet these challenges, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory has opened the Advanced Multiphase Facility (AMF), a revolutionary high pressure, high-flow rate multiphase facility with a test range beyond anything currently available in the world. The facility will support current and future measurement challenges, from well optimisation production to fiscal accounting and production optimisation.

What services do the Advanced Multiphase Facility offer?

Service offerings include:

  • Review of performance of flow meters under well controlled conditions, similar to the field
  • Addressing flow regimes and modelling challenges, from multiphase to wet gas conditions
  • Remote testing and witnessing of ongoing operations via Metervue, a web-based service
  • Continuous evaluation of metrology performance in multiphase and wet gas conditions
  • Development of flow imagery to study flow profiles and patterns from low to high pressure
  • Single-phase calibration under pressure and temperature for fiscal or allocation measurement

Why is the Advanced Multiphase Facility important?

  • Operating pressure up to 140 bar
  • Highest flow rate in the world for both gas and liquid within one multiphase facility: (83,000bpd of oil or water, and 360 MMscfd of gas)
  • From multiphase to wet gas flows (0-100% GVF, 0-100% WLR)
  • Salinity change
  • Matching operating field conditions
  • Full 3-phase wet gas flows
  • Testing of sampling systems, valves, flow meters and other instrumentation
  • Use of optimum stabilised fluids, which closely replicate production fluids, will allow stability and repeatability during tests, and will improve the level of
  • Capable of handling 2” to 12” meters
  • Integrated subsea choke available
  • 2D, 3 phases, X-ray tomography and sensors- high definition images of complex flows to expand knowledge of multiphase fluids behaviors and impact on measurement
  • ISO 17025
  • Working envelope at least 20 times larger than any multiphase or wet gas facility in the world

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