A New Way to Address Metering Performance in Multiphase Flow




To meet industry needs for testing, validation and research into multiphase flow technologies at near operating conditions, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory is building an Advanced Multiphase Facility. The major investment is both a high pressure and high flow rate multiphase flow test facility, beyond anything available in the world today.

Dr Bruno Pinguet, one of the world’s leading experts in multiphase flow, presents an overview of this facility, and launches two new Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) which will give oil & gas companies the opportunity to focus on ways of addressing metering performance in multiphase flow. These JIPs will focus on the performance of both multiphase and wet gas flow meters, and also water cut meters' performance.


Dr Bruno Pinguet

Dr Bruno Pinguet is one of the world's leading experts in multiphase flow measurement and research and has extensive international experience in the area of multiphase flow measurement, recognised as a world authority on this topic. He has over 140 scientific publications and a number of patents to his name.

Bruno has spent 25 years researching and developing multiphase flow meters with Schlumberger and has extensive oilfield experience. His expertise covers a wide range of areas, including multiphase metering, flow-loop and field test comparisons and data quality control, auditing and validation. 

His role at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory allows the business to focus more effectively on helping industry achieve the cost-effective exploitation of reserves in technically challenging production environments. In particular, the verification of in-situ meter performance, a key gap in the current measurement traceability chain.

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