Improving Multiphase Flow Metrology Through Harmonisation




Improving Multiphase Flow Metrology Through Harmonisation - an EMPIR-funded research project

Although the metering technology has improved significantly in recent years, multiphase flow meters still exhibit high uncertainty (c. 20%) under field conditions, costing industry €billions in exposure and production inefficiencies. This can only be reduced through innovation.

Perceived measurement inconsistencies between reference laboratories erode confidence in multiphase metrology and are a barrier to innovation. The critical need is for inter-laboratory harmonisation.

This project was initiated to establish a reference network of multiphase laboratories that are consistent and comparable. This will lead to lower uncertainty measurements and greater confidence in the deployment of multiphase metering technology. In addition, the project carried out fundamental research to further develop modelling techniques for significantly improving the metrological characterisation of multiphase flows and to perform full-scale parametric experiments that may be used to directly inform the intercomparison testing and analysis

This webinar, presented by Sarah Jones, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, will highlight the outputs from the project:

  • A series of good practice guides
  • A summary of the intercomparison tests at the three laboratories
  • Additional research and computer modelling to enhance our understanding of the metrological character of multiphase flows
  • The advancement of tomography techniques for flow visualisation
  • A roadmap to harmonisation established across the laboratories
  • The contribution to the development of international standards
  • Details of forthcoming technical workshops




Next Steps

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