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Improving Large Diameter Flow Meter Accuracy


Metering is essential to measuring water usage and managing water supplies. Most water meters around the world are small and primarily used to record domestic water consumption. Nevertheless, large meters remain key to both managing Resource and Demand. It is principally through the use of larger meters that we quantify how much water is being abstracted from underground aquifers, is used to provide the cooling water for all significant power plants or supplies our cities. Both small and large meters are thus essential for effective, economic and sustainable water management. However, unlike small meters which can be easily validated at little cost by placing on a traceable flow rig, there has been very little independent testing of large diameter meters due to the sheer size and cost of any calibration arrangements. This has led to a gap in our knowledge of the uncertainty performance of this key meter classification.

Independent research has shown that pipe diameter can have a significant effect on the accuracy of flow meters. This coupled with the importance of flow disturbances in large pipes results in the need for independent testing of flow meters in large pipes, to investigate these effects and how they affect the flow meter uncertainty.

Dr Carl Wordsworth, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, will present an overview of the effects of pipe diameter on flow meter accuracy. He will also launch a Joint Industry Project which will give water companies the opportunity to find out more about these effects. The JIP will also present the need for independent testing of flow meters in large pipes to investigate how flow disturbances can affect flow meter uncertainty.

About the Speaker

Dr Carl Wordsworth

Carl is currently the Water Lead for TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory. He has been working with TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory at East Kilbride for just over 18 months. Carl has 23 years’ experience working in fluids research, and has spent most of his career looking at R & D within the oil and gas industry. Carl has spent over 10 years developing New Products for the oil and gas industry and has developed a number of separation technologies for which he holds a number of patents. His most recent work has concentrated on Business Development into the water industry for TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory. He holds a BEng in Mineral Engineering and a PhD in Solid State Electrochemistry both gained at Leeds University.

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