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Density - The Other Vital Bit for Flow Measurement


Accurate flow measurement is vital throughout the process industry. In many process applications, density is used for process control and product quality assessment, whilst in the oil and gas sector it is required for allocation in shared transportations systems and for reporting annual production - the flow measurement system is, in effect, the cash register for the production facility.

Depending on the technology used, the flow rate may be measured by mass or by volume but there is often a requirement to convert between these quantities. This requires a knowledge of the density of the fluid, as a function of temperature and pressure. Density, therefore, becomes a fundamental part of the flow measurement system.

This webinar, presented by expert Dr Norman Glen, explores issues associated with on-line density measurement and calculation techniques for liquid density determination.


Dr Norman Glen

Dr Norman Glen is an expert in the thermophysical properties of fluids and is also the technical lead for the Industrial Densitometer Calibration Service.
He has worked at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory for over 30 years, following a PhD with Glasgow University on the measurement and modelling of thermophysical properties of fluids at elevated temperatures and pressures.

His main areas of expertise include thermophysical properties of fluids, measurement uncertainty, heat exchanger fouling, and industrial water use. He has worked on a wide range of projects including heat exchanger fouling, stack emissions monitoring, the application of data reconciliation techniques to flow measurement in pipe networks ,and the traceable calibration of industrial densitometers, all of which require traceable measurements. For the past 15 years he has been directly involved with many aspects of the UK National Measurement System including formulation and delivery of programmes, and projects such as the development of the CO2 measurement infrastructure at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory.

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