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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

Argentina: Resolution for energy efficiency labelling of light-emitting diode lamps for general lighting services in force


Ministry of Production and Work Secretary of Internal Trade adopted Resolution No. 796,2019 for the labelling and certification of LED lamps on 29 November 2019.

This resolution aims to regulate the technical requirements and key characteristics of energy efficiency labelling for general lighting electric LED lamps on the Argentine market. It is mandatory for national manufacturers and importers to comply with the technical requirements and the conformity assessment process established in the Annex of the regulation.

The following 5 types of lamps are excluded from the scope of this resolution:

  • LED lamps whose luminous flux is less than 30 lm;
  • LED lamps operating with batteries;
  • LED lamps that incorporate the possibility of color change;
  • LED lamps with color diodes and/or with color coating;
  • LED lamps that do not directly connect to the power supply network.

The technical requirements of products involved in this resolution will be considered adequately provided the products to meet the requirements in this measure as well as those stated in IRAM 62404-3. Details of the labelling requirement are specified in Section 3.1.

Furthermore, following IRAM 62404-3, energy efficiency label must be affixed on the packaging of products covered by this measure that are on Argentine market and information about the product life of the lamp must be provided.

To ensure complying with these requirements, manufacturers and importers must obtain approval before release their products on the Argentine market by submitting the documentation specified in section 5.1 of the Annex to the Commercial Loyalty Department through the remote procedures platform (TAD). The approval will be issued in the form of a product certificate after the application.

This Resolution was into force since 3 December 2019.



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