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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

Argentina:Energy efficiency labelling of electric water pumps, Resolution No. 800, 2019


This Resolution aims to execute measures which can reduce residential energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and revise regulations of production and competitiveness, particularly those associated with requirements established in the National Program for the Rational and Efficient Use of Energy (PRONUREE).

This Resolution involves a technical regulation for the energy efficiency labelling of domestic electric water pumps with rated power of 0.18kW- 5.5. kW except those products listed in Article 2.

Products must meet the technical requirements in this regulation and Standard IRAM 62408.

Standard IRAM 62408 indicates that a legible energy efficiency label must be engraved or printed on each product’s external nameplate, or an additional plate with the same shape and material of the nameplate must be affixed. The essential information on the label is specified in Section 3.1.2.

The manufacturer/importer is required to submit the following documentation to the Commercial Loyalty Department through the online Remote Processing Platform "Trámites a Distancia -TAD”:

Phase 1 (180 days): A proof of initiation of certification process, issued by a certification body;

Phase 2 (540 days): A certificate identifying the product meets the requirements of this resolution.

After receiving these documents, the Commercial Loyalty Department will approve the commercialisation of the product.

The Resolution also provides the procedure of certification. The certificate of conformity must be authorised by a recognised certification body, as established by Resolution No. 262/19 and in accordance with ISO/IEC 17067. Instruction of the certificate contents (national language) is specified in Section 5.3.

This resolution was into force since its publication in the Official Gazette.

Key dates:



Jun 06, 2020

submit proof of initiation of certification process to TAD system.

May 27, 2021

submit certificate of compliance to TAD system.

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