ISO 31000 and ONR 49001

ISO 31000 and ONR 49001(英語)

Enterprise Risk Management Certification

Enterprise Risk Management Certification

What are ISO 31000 and ONR 49001?

ISO 31000 and ONR 49001 are enterprise risk management frameworks which provide organisations with a consistent methodology for assessing risks affecting their operations and outcomes. These risk management certifications can be used by organisations of any size to assess a wide range of risks - from cybercrime to terrorism - to help them decide whether they wish to continue with the activity in question or modify their approach. An accredited third-party assessment body can help organisations who wish to become certified against either of these standards.

Benefits of ONR 49001 and ISO 31000 certification

ONR 49001 certification and ISO 31000 risk management certification supports organisations by:

  • Helping you avoid risks or removing the source of a risk to your operations

  • Giving you a consistent methodology for judging the true scale and possible impacts of a risk

  • Being better prepared

  • Discovering the best possible outcome for your plans

TÜV SÜD certification  

TÜV SÜD´s certification teams have extensive experience with a wide range of management systems, including ISO 31000 and ONR 49001. Our global experts support you throughout the steps of certification. During the process, we point out non-conformities if any, so you can develop your risk mitigation strategy and fill gaps. By partnering with us, your company’s commitment to international management system standards will gain global recognition.





ISO 9001 2015 guidance

ISO 9001:2015

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