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Functional Safety in a Nutshell

A compact overview of the functional safety regulation landscape

Functional Safety in a Nutshell: A compact Overview of the Functional Safety Regulation Landscape

"The expanding digitalisation and automation of life and industry enables the implementation of complex functions and the combination of networked processes and systems, but also gives rise to growing challenges and requirements for functional safety technology. Thereby, the compliance with the right functional safety regulations and standards when designing, constructing or operating safety applications or safety components is essential."

Matthias Ramold

Manager Safety Components at TÜV SÜD

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Infographic: Functional Safety in a Nutshell

The growing demand for sophisticated technology has pushed the manufacturing industry – particularly component manufacturers – into the fast lane. As technology is evolving rapidly, manufacturers face the challenge of developing components and systems quickly and at low cost. They must also ensure that their products meet all necessary functional safety and quality requirements, such as IEC 61508 or other safety standards. By doing so, hazardous states in systems or components can be minimised to limit damage to people, property and environment. Additionally, manufacturers, suppliers and operators can benefit from increased market acceptance and positive brand associations.

To avoid business losses and time-consuming reworks, it is important that manufacturers ensure that their products adhere to the quality and safety guidelines from the onset. But, the wide range of functional safety standards creates a complex regulation landscape, sometimes making it difficult to find the appropriate product or system-related standard. TÜV SÜD can help you to simplify that complexity by identifying and interpreting the applicable functional safety standards.

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Functional Safety Regulation Landscape


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