Failure analysis and civil engineering
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Case Study: Failure Analysis for Civil Engineering Industry

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Next up on the Failure Analysis blog series, we will explore the applications of Failure Analysis in the Civil Engineering industry. Read along as we cover 2 case studies in the industry.



As technological advancement continues at breakneck speed, so has the demand for stronger materials that can withstand extreme strains. Businesses in the civil engineering sector must ensure the high performance of building and construction materials, including safety and reliability.

In this blog, we will look at 2 case studies related to rail systems, where our Failure Analysis team experts employed advanced research technology, such as FESEM and elemental analysis, to discover the root causes of failures in design, manufacturing processes or material.



Civil engineering and failure analysis

In the first case study, we investigated a serious incident on a rail system.

The Failure Analysis team at TÜV SÜD found that the severe failure of the power supply system could be attributed to the separation of the endcap and the ceramic body of a tension insulator. This was further attributed to the creep damage of the lead alloy, which had been used to fill in the gap between the two components.

Based on these findings, the overseas OEM subsequently agreed to replace the lead alloy with a new material.


CASE STUDY 2Civil engineering and failure analysis

During the routine maintenance checks, a portion of subterranean train rails was found to be damaged. Analysis of the tracks found that they had suffered from stray-current corrosion instigated by water leakage.

After these findings, the rails were repaired, and the tunnel tracks were water-proofed to prevent future leakages.



By identifying the root cause of the failure, analysing the outcome, and implementing appropriate remedial actions, the companies in the Civil Engineering industry can better prevent the failure's recurrence.


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