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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

USA: Updated Infant and Infant/Toddler Rockers standard ASTM F3084-18 published

November 2018- Relevant for: Toys and children's products

In November, ASTM F3084-16 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant and Infant/Toddler Rockers has been updated to F3084-18. 

In the new revision, key changes are as follows:

  • Section, tension force shall be 15lbf regardless the rocker has a toddler age use or not.
  • Marking and labelling
    • Section 8.1.1, each product and its retail package information shall be marked or labelled the name, place of business and telephone of the manufacturer distributor of seller.
    • Section 8.4.4, added requirements ANSI Z535.4 Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels.
    • Section 8.4.6, added message panel text layout requirements.
    •  Section 8.5, warning statement has been technically and verbiage updated, for example, now a recommended max. weight is required on the label. An example of the new warning label for infant rocker is listed as below:
  • Instructional Literature
    • The warnings in the instructions shall include the warnings in 8.5 and meet the requirements specified in 8.4.4, 8.4.5, and 8.4.6, except that sections 6.4 and 7.2 – 7.6.3 of ANSI Z535.4 need not be applied.
  • Other editorial changes.

[1] ASTM F3084-18


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