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USA: CPSC final rule: safety standard for non-full-size baby cribs (83 FR 26206)

june 2018 - Relevant for: toys & children's products INDUSTRY

On June 06, 2018, the CPSC issued a direct final rule on the Safety Standard for Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs (83 FR 26206)1

  • The rule is effective on September 10, 2018, unless CPSC receives significant adverse comment by July 6, 2018.
  • On March 14, 2018, ASTM officially notified the CPSC that ASTM has published a revised 2017 version of ASTM F406 in a standard approved on December 1, 2017, ASTM F406-17, Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs/Play Yards2.
  • The current version of ASTM F406, ASTM F406-17 incorporates all revisions since the publication of ASTM F406-10a (currently incorporated in 16 CFR 1220 by referencing) with the following one additional change to the last revision (ASTM F406-15):
    • Section 6.10, which allowed for retightening of screws and bolts during testing, was removed. The removal of section 6.10 harmonized ASTM F406 with 16 CFR 1220.2(b)(3).
  • The CPSC reviewed all those revisions and consider those an improvement to the safety of Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs. The new safety standard will incorporate ASTM F406-17 in full with exclusion of provisions that applies only to play yards.

[1] 83 FR 26206 - Safety Standard for Non-Full-Size Baby
[2] ASTM F406-17


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