Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections

Unbundled Jurisdictional and Shop Inspection Services

Unbundled Jurisdictional and Shop Inspection Services

High-quality Jurisdictional inspection services

When pressure vessels are not properly maintained, there are major consequences. The most severe are boiler explosions and fires that injure workers, destroy property, and even lead to fatalities. Other problems include rupture failures and leakage which pose health and safety hazards.

To protect against such hazards, most U.S. states have laws regulating pressure vessel inspections. While requirements vary between jurisdictions, high-pressure boilers (15 psi and higher operating pressure) typically require one internal inspection and an additional external inspection each year. Compliance with these requirements is mandatory. Unfired pressure vessels, such as air and water storage tanks, as well as low-pressure boilers and fired storage water heaters may also have inspection requirements. Inspection frequencies for these industrial systems and components range from annual to five-year intervals.

Timely inspections are critical to keeping you compliant and reducing accidents. While others may have backlogs or logistical problems, TÜV SÜD ARISE gets inspections scheduled and completed fast. In fact, we are among the top of the industry in timeliness and preventing overdue inspections.

Prepare for a Boiler/Pressure Vessel Inspection

Learn about the steps you can take prior to both internal and external boiler/pressure vessel inspections that will make the process easier. Boiler and pressure vessel inspections are maintained not only to provide a safer and loss-controlled work environment for industrial equipment, but to keep your company within the guidelines of the law. Inspections are required by corresponding state boiler and pressure vessel laws (MSHA) and OSHA (for federal law).

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection Services

Prepare for a Boiler/Pressure Vessel InspectionABIIC (ARISE Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company RRG) is licensed to operate in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico through a network of preferred partners. Inspectors hold National Board Commissions with special endorsements and multiple state licenses for efficiencies in servicing.

Whether for jurisdictional boiler and pressure vessel inspections, shop inspections, risk analysis or training, we customize our high-quality services to your specific needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Government-mandated jurisdictional inspections and issuance of required certifications
  • Inspections of new fabrication of boilers, pressure vessels, and components for compliance to ASME and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) standards
  • Training programs focusing on quality control programs and boiler maintenance and operations
  • Inspections of repairs and alterations of boilers and pressure vessels
  • Code requirement consulting for quality control, welding, nondestructive examination, and metallurgy
  • Assistance in developing regulatory-compliant Corporate Standards Inspections to other standards, such as mine safety and health requirements

Structured and dedicated to servicing the unbundled insurance market, TÜV SÜD ARISE is committed to proactive involvement in clients’ jurisdictional boiler and pressure vessel inspections. TÜV SÜD ARISE also inspects in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) and jurisdictional requirements

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