Boiler Inspections for the Power Generation Industry

The most thorough inspections provide the most accurate data

The most thorough inspections provide the most accurate data

Reduce the Risk Forced Outages Due to Boiler Issues

Power generation companies can’t rely on the average boiler inspector. Power plants are expensive, complex facilities requiring large investments of capital and incredible technology working in lock step coordination. Boilers are one of the most complex and vital pieces of machinery in a power plant. They use fuels like petroleum, natural gas, coal, and even biomass waste of produce high-pressured steam.

Boilers in power generation facilities also come with a high price tag because they are typically much larger than traditional boilers. Costs vary depending on pressure, temperature, efficiency, and use case.

A forced outage due to a boiler problem can cost millions.

Meanwhile, supply chain issues only compound these problems. The metals and tubes used in boilers have varying stress levels, grades, and corrosion rates. Mixing and matching parts is simply not an option. But replacing parts could be met with supply chain delays. Replacing entire boilers becomes an even larger undertaking.

With so much at stake, power generation companies must work with the very best engineers for jurisdictional boiler inspections.

Boiler Inspections from TÜV SÜD ARISE

TÜV SÜD ARISE is the boiler inspector of choice for leading utility companies in the United States. While others do a thin examination, our inspectors put on the gloves and knee pads to examine the material condition of the internals to determine the integrity of pressure retaining items.

We provide an inspection certificate and detailed analytics on base turnarounds and projected downtimes so you can set long-term plans. You can’t live with leaks or lingering issues.

With TÜV SÜD ARISE you get:

  • Thorough boiler inspections that resemble OEM inspections rather than jurisdictional ones
  • Examination of internal boiler components
  • All data in one easy-to-use online dashboard
  • Inspection certificates and labels
  • Consultation and recommendations on how to address issues
  • A reduced risk of forced outages
  • The opportunity to save money and reduce accidents and injuries

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Our team of experienced power generation jurisdictional boiler inspectors is standing by. We will keep you compliant and perform the thorough inspections necessary to keep your equipment running seamlessly. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

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