Low-Pressure Boiler Inspections

Ensuring safety and reliability for your pressure equipment

Ensuring safety and reliability for your pressure equipment

about low-pressure boilers

With low-pressure boilers, pressure does not exceed 15 psi, and hot water heating boilers do not exceed more than 260 psig. As such, the temperature for a low-pressure boiler does not exceed 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the lower pressures and temperatures that these types of boilers operate under, they do not need to be monitored as frequently as high-pressure boilers. Despite this, low-pressure boilers are still subject to inspection requirements and safety standards.

applications for low-pressure boilers

Low-pressure boilers are primarily used for heating purposes, especially buildings which include radiators. They can often be found in hospitals, office buildings, restaurants and schools where they can heat water used in bathrooms. Low-pressure boilers also use steam to heat rooms throughout the building or facility.

low-pressure boiler hazards

While a low-pressure boiler has a lower design and operating pressure, they can still present risks to a facility and employee safety if not maintained properly, especially if damage is not rectified. According to the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections, even a home hot water tank, if overheated, can send a car flying 14 stories at 85 miles per hour. Larger, jurisdictional boilers and pressure vessels can produce forces of even greater strength and danger.

Both low- and high-pressure boilers can present hazards to employee safety and facility operability. Common boiler hazards include excessive pressure, low water levels, and failure to remove combustible gases from the firebox prior to ignition. These hazards can lead to fire or explosions if not rectified immediately. Routine maintenance is the best way to avoid boiler hazards, though trained inspectors are necessary to ensure compliance and assist with safety measures

TÜV SÜD ARISE's Services

TÜV SÜD ARISE is here to assist in your boiler inspection needs. While performing in-service inspections such as Jurisdictional Inspections and Risk Evaluations, TÜV SÜD ARISE inspectors will examine your equipment and processes as they relate to tasks and risks that arise during these site visit. Utilizing this data, the inspector will review your data and recommendations with you to ensure that your low-pressure boilers continue to operate safely and are in compliance with all necessary standards.

ABIIC (ARISE Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company RRG) is licensed to operate in the United States, Canada and Puerto Ricothrough a network of preferred partners. Inspectors hold National Board Commissions with special endorsements and multiple state licenses for efficiencies in servicing.

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