Boiler & Machinery (B&M) Engineering Services

Ensure equipment reliability and mitigate property and safety risks

Ensure equipment reliability and mitigate property and safety risks

Machinery breakdown: reduce your risk

Boiler and Machinery (B&M) EngineeringMachinery breakdown can cripple plant operations or product quality. Prevent machinery breakdown by evaluating critical path assets, implementing preventative and predictive maintenance programs, attaining spare parts and developing contingency plans. The aim of Boiler and Machinery (B&M) Engineering is to prevent incipient “issues” from turning into big, expensive problems. 

B&M Engineering helps operations and maintenance teams refocus and better consider the possibilities for low-frequency, high-impact events. B&M risk consultants assess machinery breakdown exposures and provide recommendations to mitigate or control the risks.

Clients say that TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants boiler & machinery risk engineers are incredibly knowledgeable and provide first-rate service. In a recent client survey:

  • 70% of GRC boiler and machinery clients described their experience as “better than expected”.
  • 25% said GRC service was “much better than expected.”

mitigating boiler and critical equipment hazards

Boiler explosions and the force they produce can be catastrophic. According to the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections, even a home hot water tank, if overheated, can send a car flying 14 stories at 85 miles per hour. Larger, jurisdictional boilers and pressure vessels can produce forces of even greater strength.

While boiler risks can threaten operations in a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, insurance claims related to property and other economic losses in the power industry have skewed heavily toward machinery breakdown events. In fact, a major insurance brokerage estimates that as many as 67 percent of the insurance claims filed by the power industry were related to B&M risks. Such data illustrates the potential impact of B&M risks, the undisputed need to better understand the root causes of such losses and how to manage them more effectively.

Infographic: Boiler & Machinery vs Jurisdictional Inspections

Machinery breakdown risk assessments

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) helps you achieve specific loss prevention goals and objectives for critical equipment including boilers, deaerators, pressure equipment and more. Our machinery breakdown risk assessments support you in developing action plans to control losses and avoid breakdowns, while enabling you to identify, track and trend specific concerns. In addition to concentrating your resources on critical needs, we identify ways to improve operational efficiencies.

Our experts are located across the globe and hold experience in a wide variety of industries. Our B&M services are tailored to meet the needs of your business, taking into account safety concerns, hazards, occupancies, regulatory requirements, and more.



We analyze facilities’ production, process operations and utility systems to identify and quantify loss exposures. For every site visit, we deliver a loss prevention report with loss estimates and underwriting information. The valuable data belongs to the client and is available in our recommendation dashboards on GRC Connect. Using this data, you can choose the right insurance and risk programs for you.


We provide on-site evaluation of preventive and predictive maintenance programs (such as vibration monitoring, infrared imagery, mechanical and dielectric oil analysis programs, etc.). We also provide on-site evaluations of critical (bottleneck) utility equipment (electrical, cooling and refrigeration, natural gas supplies, etc.), spare part management programs, contingency plans, etc.


We support your needs with a combination of specialized loss control engineers and our jurisdictional services group. Our experts implement industry-specific mechanical Integrity programs and assist with OSHA Process Safety requirements.


Our B&M Engineering program concentrates on the preventive and predictive aspects of pressure vessels and evaluation of original thickness and operating criteria, non-destructive test methods, frequency of inspection, results and operating life expectancy. Mechanical Integrity and code compliance are additional services that we have the capacity to offer as needed.

  • Training Opportunities

In addition to inspection services, we offer a variety of in-person and online training opportunities designed to help businesses mitigate against risks and stay up to date on the latest techniques, regulations, and more.

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