Protect Against Machinery Breakdown Losses

Protect Against Machinery Breakdown Losses

View On-Demand Webinar

View On-Demand Webinar


With today’s hard insurance market and fractured supply chain, companies need to do everything possible to get an edge. Limited insurance capacity and long lead times make it even more important to reduce a critical risk: equipment breakdown.

Breakdowns in boiler and machinery (B&M) equipment can cripple any company’s productivity, lead to business interruption, and have a major impact on financial performance. Condition, age, and maintenance are all factors in keeping equipment like boilers, pressure vessels or mechanical assets running at full capacity.

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Watch the Webinar to Learn:

  • Consequences of machinery breakdown like property damage, business interruption, and contamination damage 
  • Simple ways to protect against machinery breakdown 
  • How supply chain delays lead to longer business interruption 
  • Independent risk engineering vs. engineering bundled to underwriting 
  • Boiler & Machinery risk engineering case studies 
  • The difference between jurisdictional inspections and Boiler & Machinery engineering  

About the speakers

Paul CieniewiczPaul Cieniewicz

Global Boiler Machinery, TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants 

Paul is a risk engineering and boiler expert with 45+ years of experience and 15 with TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants specializing in loss prevention inspections for global clients. His expertise includes power generation, steel, paper, food, automotive, and more. His prior experience includes risk engineering at Zurich North America, Hartford Steam Boiler, the US Navy, and other predictive maintenance consulting.


Bryce HartBryce Hart

Senior Risk Consultant of Boiler, TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants 

Bryce is an expert in boiler and machinery breakdown with more than 30 years of experience in the field. He has worked with the US Navy, Hartford Steam Boiler, Zurich North America, FM Global, and others.

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