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Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification & Auditing

Demonstrate regulatory, food safety, and quality requirements

About the SQF Program

The Safe Quality Food or SQF program is designed to help manufacturers demonstrate to food buyers and suppliers worldwide that the certified company meets certain regulatory, food safety, and quality requirements.

SQF offers a seamless approach to a "Field to Fork" supply chain certification philosophy, providing for primary production, food manufacture and distribution.

The SQF Code meets the needs of all suppliers in the food industry through an internationally recognized certification system, featuring an emphasis on the systematic application of HACCP for control of food safety hazards. The implementation of an SQF management system addresses a buyer’s food safety requirements and provides an option for adding a quality component.

Benefits of SQF Certification

  • Demonstrates a company's level of competency in producing, processing, packaging and distributing safe food;
  • Enhances both customer and consumer confidence;
  • Development and continuous improvement of your food safety and quality systems;
  • Proven business risk reduction strategy;
  • Improved performance during regulatory inspections and / or other stakeholder assessments;
  • Business development;
  • Help reduce assessment inconsistencies and costs of multiple assessment standards.
  • Administered by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), SQF benefits from continual retailer feedback about consumer concerns. These benefits are passed on to SQF certified suppliers, keeping them a step ahead of their competitors.
  • By adding the quality component, companies can use the SQF Quality Shield on their products.

Steps to SQF Certification


SQF Certification Process


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Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification
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