Audit Services - Internal, Process & Supplier Audits

Accelerate your business performance with customized process audits

Accelerate your business performance with customized process audits

Auditing Solutions Tailored to your Business Challenges

Our well-proven auditing methodologies and certification-related support services form the basis for our customized audit services. With comprehensive methodological knowledge and long-standing experience conducting audits, we can provide appropriate and customized solutions that support you in your root cause analysis.

Our audit services are tailored to your specific needs. If required, our audit service experts will extend the processes to include innovative assessment methods.

Please note that we cannot provide audit services to companies that hold a valid accredited management system certification under TÜV SÜD. However, we will be happy to work with you to identify opportunities for collaboration. The service is not applicable to manufacturers of medical devices.

Management system development and implementation activities are not included in our service portfolio. On request, we will be pleased to provide you with long-term service support and suitable contacts from our network of qualified collaboration partners.

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The three Audit Services modules:

  • Auditing

    Internal audits / 1st party

    TÜV SÜD provides internal audits for the assessment of your management system. We review your company's organizational and operational structures to check whether they are in conformity with the requirements of the relevant standard. The results are documented in a report, which also highlights opportunities for improvement that enable your organization to prepare even more effectively for its certification audit.

    Supplier audits / 2nd party

    Our supply chain audit includes a detailed analysis of your entire supply chain, ensuring sustainable transparency for companies and consumers. The second-party audit assess your supplier’s conformity to agreed requirements. Identification of gaps and opportunities for improvement is vital to professional supplier management. TÜV SÜD supplier audits can provide valuable support for the selection and evaluation of existing and new suppliers.

    Process audits / VDA 6.3 & others

    Based on standardized process audits, we assess the resilience and efficiency of your processes, sub-processes, and corporate systems. The results of these audits provide the basis for future decisions in your quality management. In addition to single process audits aimed at preventing and correcting process deficits, we also offer continuous improvement measures and conventional process audits, e.g. according to VDA 6.3, which assesses serial production and service processes at OEMs and automotive suppliers.

    Manufacturer audits

    Manufacturer audits assess conformity with relevant standards for specific industries. Is there sufficient transparency in the products and licences used by the manufacturers and the communication of contractual content? With in-depth expertise on requirements that are relevant to your industry, our auditors assess all applicable aspects.

    Focus audits

    TÜV SÜD offers specific focus audits in areas such as healthcare, compliance, and service quality. Using validated research design, we perform e.g. focus audits customized to your terms of reference. All our focus audits are supported by technical experts and industry specialists from TÜV SÜD's extensive pool of experts.

  • Customized Assessment Methods

    Development and optimisation of company specific assessment criteria

    Regular control measures are needed to ensure the quality of services and internal processes in a company.  In cases where standardized assessment methods are insufficient, additional lists of assessment criteria customized to the company in question have proven valuable. Our TÜV SÜD service experts have long-standing experience in auditing and certification and can assist you with this task. They pave the way for professional development of new lists of criteria for your company and optimization of existing lists.

    Assessments based on company specific criteria

    Are your processes compliant with the criteria you have established? Use our TÜV SÜD experts as third-party auditors to assess workshops and carry out supplier audits and other customized audits and assessments. By outsourcing your internal audit measures, you prevent your results from being impaired by ’tunnel vision’. Benefit from the impartiality and objectivity of our TÜV SÜD auditors!

  • Support Services and Solutions

    Gap analysis

    A gap analysis, also known as delta analysis, forecasts operational and strategic business trends from the baseline assumption that the company will continue its operations as before based on the established processes of an organisation. The expected development of the target figures is determined by applying statistical forecast methods to extrapolated historical values. In a second step, the forecast result is compared with the requested target. Once this is done, gap analysis visualizes the difference, delta, or gap between the requested target and the potential development. Our TÜV SÜD experts work closely with you in every gap analysis and assist you in evaluating and interpreting the results.

    Employee surveys

    Depending on your terms of reference and objectives, we can conduct various types of employee surveys on your behalf: individual campaigns, including opinion polls and employee climate surveys, but also periodic and systematic employee surveys as an integrated part of your management system. Employee surveys offer a host of benefits, from improving employee satisfaction and motivation to enhancing work atmosphere, targeted employee qualification, and improving service quality for customers, to name a few.

    Customer surveys

    Customer surveys measure your customers' satisfaction with your service and product quality. They also provide important information on customer expectations, customer needs, brand awareness, and your company's reputation within your defined target group. As customized solutions are becoming increasingly important, particularly in the era of digitalization, customer surveys may be able to identify enormous opportunities.

    Mystery analysis

    Mystery analyses are ideal tools to examine service quality and customer focus in your company. Their best known forms include mystery shopping, mystery calls, and mystery mailings. We provide test customers from your target group with in-depth training in mystery analysis, and give them targeted analysis assignments with tailored test criteria. Their impartial external findings may uncover ‘blind spots’ in your company.


Why choose TÜV SÜD

  • Our international network of technical experts provides additional support in the form of industry and specialist knowledge.
  • We have decades of practical experience in fields such as continuous improvement process (CIP), optimization and customer focus.
  • Our broad expertise enables a holistic perspective when assessing your company's performance.
  • To ensure the right expertise for your project, we select the technical experts that match your needs.

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