Internal Audits White Paper

Internal Audits and How Your Organization Can Maximize Their Benefits

White Paper

White Paper

Use Internal Audits to Strengthen Improvement, Learning, and Innovation in Your Organization

In a 2020 benchmark study conducted by TÜV SÜD America, we asked over 500 companies about their internal audit program to understand what commonalities they have and to capture best practices. We found that too many companies conduct internal audits only to demonstrate compliance with the ISO Quality Management System (QMS) Standards, and they miss the boat on the benefits provided by a robust internal audit program.

The implementation of processes that meet the requirements of a QMS is about translating the requirements of the QMS model into your company’s operating methodology – implemented in a way that demonstrates your company’s commitment to quality, satisfies your customers’ needs, meets regulatory requirements, helps you be more sustainable, and drives growth in your chosen markets.

By thinking beyond compliance, the internal audit program can be used effectively by senior leaders to have additional eyes on the operations and gain valuable insights on focus topics, implementation of specific initiatives, culture, safety, and other factors.

Utilizing audits as a tool that extends beyond determination of compliance will strengthen the improvement, learning, and innovation muscles of any organization.

Download the white paper to learn how you can maximize the benefits of internal audits!

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