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TL 9000 Audits and Certification

QMS for the Telecommunication Industry

About The TL 9000 Standard

TL 9000 is a quality management system designed to meet supply chain requirements of the telecommunication industry. The system is intended to ensure quality by defining system requirements central to design, development, production, delivery, deployment and maintenance of telecommunications products and services. It also provides a measurement system for tracking performance and improving results.

TL 9000 certification eliminates the need for multiple quality management standards, making it a one-stop solution for telecommunication industry providers who are looking to demonstrate their commitment to quality standards.

Adopting the TL 9000 management system allows your company to demonstrate its compliance to the high standards required by the ICT and telecommunication industry. It also aids in the validation of the quality of your processes, products and services. TL 9000 enables your company to create value for customers and stakeholders through continuous improvement, strategic partnerships and high standards achieved through a solid measurement system.

Many buyers demand suppliers of equipment to be TL 9000 certified as this provides assurance that their products are dependable – TL 9000 certification is therefore essential for selling to these businesses.

TÜV SÜD is a leading TL 9000 certification provider

TÜV SÜD works closely with ICT companies to implement the TL 9000 quality management system. Our experts can guide companies throughout the whole ICT lifecycle – from initial assessment, to audit and final certification – helping them to identify opportunities and minimize potential risks. As leading experts in quality management systems, we help businesses promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Our team of international and multilingual experts is fully equipped to advise and assist clients in achieving the requirements needed to implement the TL 9000 quality management system. Following a successful certification process, we provide you with TL 9000 certification which you can use to demonstrate your commitment to global quality standards. 


Driving Improvement Year-Round: Standards Efficiency

Driving Improvement Year-Round: Standards Efficiency

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