ANATEL Certification for Telecommunications Products

ANATEL Certification for Telecom Products in Brazil

Expand your reach by entering the Brazilian market

Expand your reach by entering the Brazilian market

Gain Access to Brazil’s Telecom Market

ANATEL, Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency, regulates telecommunications equipment. ANATEL certification is a mandatory step for approval. By obtaining ANATEL certification, manufacturers can gain access to the Brazilian telecommunications market.

ANATEL uses Categories I, II, and III to specify the telecommunications products that require testing and homologation:

  • Category I includes end user products, such as mobile phones, lithium battery and chargers for cell phone, and modems.
    • Products must be retested annually to demonstrate that no change in characteristics have occurred.
  • Category II includes products that use radio frequency (RF), such as radio broadcasting equipment, antennas, and Wi-Fi network equipment.
    • Products must be reevaluated every two years.
  • Category III includes products, such as cable connectors and fiber optic cables.
    • Products do not have to undergo further retesting or reevaluation.

The ANATEL Certification Process

  1. Manufacturers work with a Designated Certification Body (OCD) and an accredited laboratory to understand the applicable regulations and the required testing.
  2. An accredited laboratory performs the necessary tests on the manufacturer’s product.
  3. The OCD reviews the test results and issues one of the three certifications:
    • Certification based on Type Testing (1a certification scheme)
    • Certification based on Type Testing with Periodic Product Evaluation (type 4 certification scheme)
    • Certification based on Type Testing with Periodic Evaluation of the Product and the Factory Management System (type 5 certification scheme)
  4. The OCD registers the manufacturer and the tested product with ANATEL.
  5. ANATEL approves the manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformity and issues a Homologation Certificate.

Expertise to Assist You With ANATEL Certification

ANTATEL Certification Process for BrazilWith significant experience helping manufacturers comply with Brazilian regulations and obtain the required approvals, you can be confident in our ability to assist you with ANATEL certification.

TÜV SÜD helps manufacturers understand the requirements for ANATEL certification and helps to facilitate the testing and certification process.

As a one-stop solution provider for product certification and global market access services, our experts can also assist clients who want to sell their telecommunications products in multiple markets.

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