Wireless Coexistence Testing lab

Wireless Coexistence Testing

Ensure the tandem operation of wireless systems

Ensure the tandem operation of wireless systems


As more and more manufacturers incorporate wireless communication into devices, the risks associated with wireless technology in and among these devices increases. One such risk, wireless coexistence, is concerned with a wireless device's ability to perform a task in a given shared space where other wireless systems are performing their tasks and may or may not be using the same set of rules. Wireless coexistence testing is therefore paramount to ensuring that functions and communications are not impeded in this regard.

Wireless Coexistence Testing ServicesAlong with other wireless tests such as RF testing and EMF testing, wireless coexistence testing is vital to the reliable, safe and effective transmission of data and information while in a shared environment.

Testing becomes more important within the context of limited RF spectrum availability to operate wireless systems simultaneously. Disruptions to medical device transmissions, for instance, could be life-threatening, exemplifying the need to eliminate such risk.

Recommended tests include evaluating potential sources of electromagnetic disturbance (EMD) expected in a known use environment and checking for co-channel or adjacent channel interference from systems.

Bands and technologies that the system should be evaluated against include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others. It is also important that wireless coexistence testing evaluates cases where more than one of the same system are operating simultaneously, in addition to operating alongside other systems.

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