Wireless Testing for Medical Devices

Solutions for wireless medical devices

Solutions for wireless medical devices

About Wireless Testing for Medical Devices

Wireless testing evaluates electrical products that are intended to be operated without wires – anything from laptops and electric toothbrushes to industrial applications with wireless components. Different jurisdictions around the world require manufacturers to comply with codes and regulations regarding how their wireless products function for security and health and safety purposes. Certification demonstrates that the manufacturer has met those requirements.

EMC Testing for wireless technologies

Ensuring compliance and meeting electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards is crucial in the development of wireless components in medical devices. Our labs are equipped to conduct a comprehensive range of EMC tests and provide EMC certifications. TÜV SÜD keeps abreast of the ever-changing market needs and supports you in achieving the highest standards of wireless technology.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES for medical devices

An increasingly important side of medical testing these days is wireless modules that can be incorporated into many devices, which are governed by different bodies depending on the manufacturer’s location.

In North America, manufacturers must adhere to KDG 996369, and in Europe, by EG 203 367. Both governing bodies require modular integrators to verify that the module meets all the original requirements once integrated into the host device or system. Modules are tested as standalone products and once integrated into the device or system, are evaluated on the effects of the host on the module

Wireless testing services

Wireless technologies are used across a variety of industries such as medical devices, automotive, industrial components and machinery, robotics, telecommunications, retail, and more. Our wireless testing services focus on pre-evaluation of modules or end-user products.

Expert in Wireless Testing for Medical Devices

TÜV SÜD provides expert intelligence on wireless technologies utilizing short-range and long-range communication. Our experts develop customized solutions throughout the product development lifecycle, resulting in a safer and a more reliable product. Through our Global Market Access services, we help you gain access to your target markets by issuing test reports, providing access to local representation and offering guidance on compliance requirements and approval strategies. Our services put your product through its paces and ensure medical device market approval and acceptance.                              

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