EMF Testing

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Testing

Assess levels of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic exposure

Assess levels of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic exposure

ensure safety and compliance with EMF Testing

Each time electrical equipment and appliances are used, they become a source of electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions. Consumers are becoming exposed to EMFs and there is growing concern about their effects.

An electromagnetic field test measures the amount of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic exposure a product emits to its users, including static, extremely low frequency and radio frequency fields. There are different regulatory limits for occupational and general public exposure. EMF testing is required to assess the levels of exposure and compare them against reference levels.

EMF compliance is a mandatory requirement in most markets including Europe, the US, Canada, China, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Electromagnetic field testing helps you meet regulatory requirements, improve product safety and reduce the risk of costly non-compliance. To avoid costly recalls, manufacturers must ensure the EMF emissions are within defined regulatory limits.

Third-party EMF tests and conformity assessments also help strengthen your competitive position in the market by demonstrating your commitment to consumer safety.

our emf testing Services

EMF TestingTÜV SÜD are world leading electromagnetic field-testing experts. We have accredited labs around the world and can conduct a wide range of tests to ascertain the size of EMF an individual product is emitting. Our experts are members of international EMF testing bodies and we stay up to date with changing regulation in different jurisdictions to ensure that our clients’ products are compliant with the latest legislation.

We can test an enormous range of electrical products, including consumer, industrial, laboratory, scientific and medical, both in our labs or on-site at our client’s facilities. We can rapidly carry out tests and provide you with recommendations on improvements to ensure compliance.

electromagnetic testing process

To measure the level of exposure to EMF, our experts test physical quantities, such as electric and magnetic field strength, magnetic flux density, power density and contact current against reference levels. If measured quantities are higher than the reference levels, more detailed analysis is needed to access compliance with the basic restrictions for physical quantities including current density, internal electric field and specific absorption rate (SAR).

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