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National Measurement System Flow Programme

Responsible for delivering the UK National Flow Standards

Responsible for delivering the UK National Flow Standards

TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory is at the forefront of flow and density measurement research, with an extensive range of flow facilities.  As the UK’s Designated Institute for Flow Measurement, we lead the Flow Programme, a UK National Measurement System (NMS) science programme of activities associated with flow measurement and gears metrology.

What is the Flow Programme?

Operating on a 3 year cycle the Flow Programme leads the NMS activity associated with flow measurement and gears metrology. It invests in the UK's Flow Measurement Standards based at the National Engineering Laboratory and the Gears Metrology Standards located at Newcastle University. The programme funds research and development concerning future flow and gear metrology requirements and it contributes to the UK's international efforts on flow measurement standardisation and knowledge transfer.

The UK National Measurement Laboratories are:

  • National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
  • LGC Ltd
  • TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory
  • National Gear Metrology Laboratory (NGML)
  • National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC)
  • Regulatory Delivery (part of DSIT)

The NMS enables the UK to compete in global trade and manufacturing by ensuring the consistency and recognition of measurement units and standards throughout the world. The National Measurement Laboratories disseminate measurement knowledge and information through events, research, case studies, training, newsletters, advice and guides, to the wider measurement community.

Why is the Flow Programme important?

The Flow Programme contributes to the UK’s international efforts on flow measurement standardisation and best practice. It is important to ensure fair and equitable trade, to deliver assurance against regulatory and strategic targets and to accelerate innovation.  I also ensures that industry across the world has access to the research output of the programme through a range of knowledge transfer activities.


DSIT have an independent advisory group - the Programme Expert Group (PEG) - to help guide priority setting.  Its membership includes senior industrialists and academics with expertise in flow metrology.  The PEG are engaged in the formulation and prioritisation processes that lead to the agreed programmes of work.



Flow Programme Road Map

To help highlight the scope and impact of our work, roadmaps have been produced that demonstrate how we have driven the development of flow metering research, standards and technology since the 1970’s.



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