Energy Efficiency Services

Support in sourcing and utilising energy smarter

Support in sourcing and utilising energy smarter


Energy remains one of the critical challenges of the future. Businesses need to strike the balance between operational efficiency and sustainable development. With soaring energy prices and increased scarcity of natural resources, pinpointing energy efficiencies – from planning to manufacturing to operations - makes good business sense.

One way of reducing energy costs is to become more energy efficient so as to optimise existing resources and plan the right investments in new technologies. This will help manage operating costs and provide better delivery of services to customers while reducing environmental impacts and mitigating risk. Additionally, a documented commitment to sustainable development is a powerful and effective way to demonstrate social responsibility and meet changing customer preferences.

TÜV SÜD is ready to support you in reducing your energy costs through energy efficient measures. Our energy services cater to all stakeholders, building owners, manufacturers, energy providers, regulators and end consumers. Explore the services below to learn more. If you are looking for a specific service that is not currently listed, please contact our team directly.





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Global and tailored industry expertise

Our global network of experts bring interdisciplinary experience from various industries and specific projects. We understand the challenges of energy-intensive industries and the regional challenges of meeting specific regulations. We work in your region and our testing labs provide relevant insights for major industries.

Compliance and trust in energy efficient technologies

TÜV SÜD provides safe and quality frameworks through certification, testing, and audit services for energy efficient technologies and innovations. Our experts are well-versed with international and local energy standards and can support you in achieving regulatory compliance.

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