Additive Manufacturing

Recyclability of Additive Manufacturing Materials/Products

White paper

White paper

ISO/ASTM 52900, commonly known as additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing, revolutionises production. 3D printing technology developers have made continuous efforts to develop technologies and materials to contribute to the circular economy principles, which promotes material reusability and end-of-life recyclability to minimise waste. 

A comprehensive grasp of circular economy principles will empower organisations to minimise virgin material consumption, reduce waste, lower carbon footprint, and nurture a more sustainable and environmentally conscious industry paradigm.

Why download the whitepaper?

  • Explore AM's evolution from traditional manufacturing to 3D printing
  • Understand the core structure and requirements of AM's sustainability practices
  • Delve into the potential approaches to enhance recyclability in AM
  • Learn how to initiate sustainable practices in your organisation's AM processes.


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