The Future of Healthcare

Overcoming hazards in connected healthcare

Overcoming hazards in connected healthcare

The future of healthcare

"Connectivity is the future of the healthcare industry. To prepare for this, the medical device industry has to learn new aspects of safety specifically in the area of software safety, device security and data privacy."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Infographic: Overcoming hazards in connected healthcare

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry

The future of healthcare is very much up in the clouds. With more and more medical devices integrated with the Internet of Things, the healthcare business will be transformed. The collection of data through devices and apps will enable real-time access to more patient data than ever before. However, this will also give rise to new dimensions of risks.

The infographic below will provide an overview of the opportunities of connected healthcare as well as how we can manage the risks in device security, software safety as well as data privacy.

Click here to download the infographic


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