New headquarters in Milan for TÜV SÜD: modern, sustainable and cool offices

TÜV SÜD Italy headquarters move to the skyscraper Whitemoon, in Milan

TÜV SÜD Italy headquarters move to the skyscraper Whitemoon, in Milan

21 February 2023

TÜV SÜD's Italian head office moves to a new, cool, dynamic and modern area of Milan. The new offices have been designed according to the highest energy and environmental sustainability standards, with large co-working spaces designed to encourage socialisation and integration.

ts-pr-new-hq-tüv süd italia_1The times we live in are full of uncertainties. Nevertheless, years of crisis can also help to accelerate positive processes such as modernisation, innovation and more sustainable behaviour. This is also thanks to the contribution of companies and sectors that have shown great adaptability and have found human and economic resources for growth and investment. TÜV Italia, for example, has also decided to invest in new major projects. The latest project concerns the Group's headquarters in Italy: TÜV Italia headquarters have just moved from Sesto San Giovanni in the Milanese hinterland to the more modern offices located in the skyscraper called Whitemoon, in the Bicocca area of Milan. This cutting-edge district, where the university pole has revitalised the entire area, is now attracting many companies, services and activities.

“From the very beginning, my idea was to create something usable, generating a new working environment: communicative, open and flexible," says Oliver Jacob, CEO of TÜV Italia and Western Europe TÜV SÜD. “A modern, innovative and quality office, yet comfortable, beautiful and pleasant. I wanted to create a cosy, colourful environment, full of plants and light, where one could also enjoy an enviable 360° view over the city of Milan. The whole project was obviously complex: being able to do everything on schedule and work full-time from the very first day after moving in were truly extraordinary results. Overall, I can say that the new office has far exceeded all my expectations. I think it is fantastic and we will continue to invest in the future, as we have been doing successfully for years.”

ts-pr-new-hq-tüv süd italia_2Actually, this latest initiative comes at the tail end of other recent modernisation works that started in 2018: the new offices in Vicenza were followed  by the construction of the laboratory and offices in Volpiano (Turin), where a new metrology laboratory was also opened in the same year. Successively, another office was opened in Barberino Tavarnelle (Florence) with the creation, alongside the services related to Food, Food Contact and Environment, of the European hub for medical device testing services of the entire TÜV SÜD Group, to which was added a hub of testing services dedicated to sustainability.

“The new headquarters are equipped with state-of-the-art energy standards that allow us to significantly reduce consumption, and contribute to sustainability, which TÜV SÜD Group promotes globally," says Federico Corazzari, CFO of TÜV Italia.

He is echoed by Andrea Predan, TÜV SÜD Sustainability Director, who followed the work on the new offices right from their design: “The details dedicated to sustainability were very important in the initial phase: all the materials in the new headquarters reflect this principle”.

"The Whitemoon is more than a new workplace, it is also a new socialisation factor,", adds Marina Colapenna, TÜV Italia HR Director and HR Coordinator of TÜV SÜD Western Europe. “The new offices are actually designed to foster integration between the various corporate functions, thus encouraging interaction and dialogue thanks to the open space structure and numerous co-working areas. We believe this is a momentous change, a natural part of the growth process of a company and its people, and as Human Resources we will do our best to accompany our employees in this innovation process.”

Modernity, innovation, socialisation, as well as the key theme of sustainability are, therefore, crucial aspects of this project. It is no coincidence that these themes also reflect the company's core business, which from its beginnings has been devoted to innovation and the protection of things and people, with an approach always oriented towards continuous improvement.

The new offices represent a real breakthrough: a welcoming, modern and cool place that encourages collaboration. The video of the new offices is available at the following link: https://youtu.be/SxSdcCLxMjk.

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