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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

INDONESIA: SPECIFIC ABSORPTION RATE (SAR) limitations on cellular phones and tablet computers


On 7 March 2024, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Indonesia enacted Decree No. 177 of 2024 regarding Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limitations of cellular phones and tablet computers.

As a background, according to Law No. 46 of 2021, every type of telecommunication equipment and/or devices manufactured, assembled, imported and/or used in Indonesian market shall comply with the technical standard. SAR test is mandatory that is covered in this standard. This Decree determines the SAR limits for cellular phones and tablet computers, which has been included in the Attachment of this Decree.

In Article 2, the SAR limits apply to the equipment which are used at a distance of less than 20cm from the body and work under a radiated transmitting power of more than 20 mW. Some key items addressed in the Decree are listed as follows:

  • Timeline of implementation:
    • From 1 April 2024: SAR limits on the head
    • From 1 August 2024: SAR limits on torso/body and limb
  • A SAR test result report is required for the certification application of cellular phones and computer tablets since the effective date.
  • If a domestic test lab is not able to issue a SAR test result report, then the applicant for the certification may attach and explanation letter from the domestic test lab which includes information on the date of SAR test report issuance. This exemption provision is valid for a maximum of 2 (two) years from the obligation effective dates.
  • In the case that SAR test result report of the cellular phones or tablet computers fail to comply with the SAR limits indicated in this Decree, the following provisions shall be triggered:
    • certificate holder may apply for a re-test of the cellular phones or tablet computers;
    • re-test will be carried out with the Director General and Ministry;
    • samples of cellular phones or tablet computers shall be purchased from the market randomly;
    • sample purchase fee is charged to the certificate holder who applies for re-test
  • In the case that SAR test result of the re-test fails to comply with the stipulated SAR limits, the certificate holder shall be subject to sanctions for not complying with the technical standard based on the relevant laws and regulations. 

The Decree is implemented on the day of adoption, namely 7 March 2024.



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