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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

France: Updated standard list of Decree no. 91-1292 for childcare articles published


On 2 February 2023, France published the updated standard list for article 4 of Decree No. 91-12921 for childcare articles in Notice JORF n° 0028 du 2 février 20232. A full list of updated standards can be found in this notice. The new list will replace the previous one.

In this update, two standard references have been updated: 

Index of the standard

Title of the standard

Standard reference superseded Date of end of application of the superseded standard

NF EN 1888-1+A1
(April 2022) 

Childcare articles - Wheeled child conveyances - Part 1: Pushchairs and prams NF EN 1888-1
(December 2018) 
(April 2012)
1 December 2023
NF EN 716-1+AC
(March 2019)
Furniture - Children's cots and folding cots for domestic use - Part 1: Safety requirements
NF EN 716-1
(February 2018)
1 December 2023

The standards adopted by the national standardization institutes of the Member States of the European Union and of the States Parties to the Agreement establishing the European Economic Area or of Turkey, transposing the corresponding European standards, are recognized as equivalent. 

Sorting Signage
The Anti-Waste Circular Economy Law 2020-105 (AGEC) introduced a new Article L541-9-3 to the French Environmental Code making the Triman logo plus the accompanying sorting information mandatory for all products subject to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements in France other than household glass beverage packaging. This includes Childcare articles that fall under the furniture and bedding sector.

This sorting signage3 consisting of the Triman logo and information specifying the methods of sorting or bringing in waste from the product must be specified as close as possible to the product, on its packaging, or in the other documents provided with the product. Information on the website remains possible but does not replace the mention of one of the three elements mentioned above.

Furniture and bedding that are subject to the EPR provision have been effective since 15 December 2022. Childcare articles, like highchairs, changing tables, baby bouncers and bath seats, that fall under the EPR scope of the category are required to comply with the Triman sorting instruction requirements. Explore the contract details and regulatory display obligations on the approved eco-organisation4 by the French authority for the sector.



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[2] Notice JORF n° 0028 du 2 février 2023

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