QHSE Management

QHSE management for wind energy projects

Minimise risks in onshore wind, offshore wind, wave and tidal array projects

Minimise risks in onshore wind, offshore wind, wave and tidal array projects

What is QHSE management?

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) management ensures that a wind farm project is executed according to quality and safety requirements through a professional approach to safety in design as well as operations safety management, construction and quality assurance across the entire project lifecycle. Investors and developers strive to minimise quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) risks of renewable energy projects while maximising their return on investment. These projects require a Developers and contractors of renewable energy projects need expert third-party support to ensure that projects are executed in line with QHSE objectives.

Why is QHSE management important?

You can minimise project risks by verifying designs are compliant with local legislation, international standards and industry best practices. Assessment of health and safety competence will enable the selection of appropriate and competent designers, contractors and suppliers, secured on a firm contractual basis. Rigorous construction and operational QHSE auditing provides confidence that projects are executed in line with specified time, budgetary and QHSE objectives.

TÜV SÜD helps to minimise the risk of your wind energy project.

TÜV SÜD’s experts are uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of professional QHSE services. Our interdisciplinary team possesses extensive experience from working with a diverse range of clients and contractors on renewable energy projects around the world.

What does wind energy project development involve?

  • Corporate QHSE advice and support

    We assess and evaluate specific QHSE risks posed to your organisation and its responsible individuals.
  • Management systems

    By developing, implementing and managing effective and compliant QHSE management systems, we help you ensure your organisation, operations and projects are effectively controlled and managed.
  • Safety in design

    During the design phase, our experts identify, reduce, eliminate and manage health and safety risks inherent in renewable energy installations.
  • Project planning, management and representation

    TÜV SÜD supports your project from lease/license through development to construction and operation by providing bid/tender support, HSE project planning, development, design and site investigations.
  • Competence and resource management

    We apply our experience and knowledge to assess competence and select appropriate resources to help you go beyond minimum compliance.
  • Suitability, selection and procurement

    Our highly experienced marine experts support you in procurement of operational requirements such as vessels and crew, emergency repairs of equipment, and the supply of vital essentials on board.
  • Design safety coordination

    TÜV SÜD assists in the execution of a project that incorporates safety in design and construction, in full compliance with local legislation and standards.
  • Surveillance, auditing and inspection

    We provide system and operational monitoring to ensure that your QHSE management is structured, fit-for-purpose and continues to improve standards.
  • Training and skills

    Our team of experts and trainers provides industry-specific, relevant and flexible training solutions that cover both accredited and bespoke courses.



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