Risk-based Fire Protection within Lithium-Ion Battery Production in Europe

Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

The global battery demand is expected to grow by 25% annually to reach 2,600 GWh in 2030. With growing use cases everyday, Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) production is ramping up to meet the global demand.

Without proper fire protection measures within the LIB cell production facility, thermal runaway, an exothermic reaction due to abuse during production process, can lead to an electrochemical chain reaction that results in fire, explosion and toxic gases with a rapid propagation to other LIB cells and/or production parts. 

Together with Siemens and Munich RE, our virtual conference addresses risk engineering during the manufacturing process of LIB in general and focuses on the risk-based fire protection strategy within LIB cell production based on the importance of regulations and hazard evaluation.

Technical report on Principles for Risk-based Fire Protection Strategies for Li-Ion Battery Cell Production can be downloaded here.


The agenda of the virtual conference:



Welcome, introduction and housekeeping

Dr. Hajo Rapp

Munich RE: Manufacturing of LIB - The view of Insurance Risk Engineering

Mr. Marek Kowalski

TÜV SÜD: Fire hazards within LIB Cell Production and the importance of regulations

Mr. Benedikt Pentenrieder

Siemens: Fire protection strategy within LIB Cell Production 

Mr. Gerd Hülsen

Q&A Session


About the speakerS


Head of Global Sales, TÜV SÜD AG
Strategic Account Manager of Siemens AG

As the Head of Global Sales, Mr. Rapp works in global teams for Customer Centricity and sustainable organisational development in alignment with our customer industry ecosystems. He is a member of the board of directors at Strategic Account Management Association and Springer Excellence as well as a visiting lecturer at the University of Reutlingen.





Fire Protection Specialist at Loss Control Engineering Department, Munich RE

Mr. Kowalski specialises in large industrial, new technologies and commercial risks. He has worked at Munich RE since 2010, providing risk engineering services for clients all over the world.




Expert at Building Services Department, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH

Gaining his expert knowledge in evaluating fire protection strategies and concepts, Mr. Pentenrieder started his career at an internationally established certification company in the oil and gas as well as offshore wind sector. At TÜV SÜD, he works as fire safety expert in the field of fire protection for nuclear power plants as well as for industrial facilities within the LIB production and hydrogen technology sector.



Head of Global Fire Safety Application Engineering, Siemens Switzerland AG

Mr. Hülsen started his professional life as a consulting engineer in a well-known engineering company for building automation and control. Since joining Siemens in 1998, Mr. Hülsen works in several functions of product management, product marketing and application engineering in the areas of access control and fire safety in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.


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